#DeliveringChristmas for 100 years with BBH London

The new TV commercial from Tesco celebrates the 100th anniversary with a delivery driver embarking on an unexpected, whirlwind journey through the decades, up and down the country, for Christmas. Tom Drew, Creative Director at BBH London gave us some insight about the campaign.

Tom Drew
Creative Director BBH London

Give us an overview of the campaign. What is it about and what was your role in the creation?

As the creative director, I oversee and guide all of the Tesco communications through BBH. As soon as I saw the idea of a time travelling delivery driver I knew it should be the focus of our campaign.


How this holiday communication is different from the usual for this advertiser?

Every year our main priority is to showcase Tesco’s Christmas offering. In previous years we’ve leant on Tesco’s scale and breadth of products. But this year we had the gift of a Centenary birthday in our strategic armoury.


What inspired you to approach the campaign this way?

Throughout the year we’ve used Tesco’s 100th birthday in communications so it felt like the right thing to sign off the year with a Christmas spectacular on the same theme.


What’s a “behind the scenes” story that only you know about?

Traktor insisted that no special effects were used, so we had to crack time travel to make it work.


Are there any holiday ad tropes that you think should be retired by now?

It’s probable that this campaign is guilty of a few so I’d better not say.


What is your favorite holiday campaign of all time?

This one from John Lewis (The Long Wait) is from what I remember, this is the moment the public started to look forward to Christmas ads. And it’s easy to see why - its a beautifully simple story based on a human truth with heart-melting twist that connects the brand. I can’t imagine John Lewis using Morrissey today though.


What can we expect from your agency in 2020?

Hang on, let me just get in my time travelling van... 

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