Do It For Real: The VIA Agency for Perdue Chicken

Delicious chicken nuggets with real vegetables hidden inside? ... RAD!

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Portland, United States
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Amos Goss
Creative Lead The VIA Agency

Tell us about your role in the creation of this work.

I'm the Creative Lead on the Perdue Account for The VIA Agency. I oversaw creative development, production and post-production. 


Give us an overview of the campaign, what is it about? 

This campaign is all about how brave and bold Perdue is. Somehow, they get lumped in with other "big food" brands, but they really are different. They're changing the game with some of their animal care initiatives and product innovations. Perdue truly is "Not too Chicken to Change," which is impressive for a 100-year-old company. This campaign is just celebrating that.


Tell us about the details of the creative brief, what did it ask?

It's rare when you get a brief that instantly creates such a strong reaction. Delicious chicken nuggets with real vegetables hidden inside? ... RAD!


"Rad" is an awesome place to start from.


Which insight led to the creation of this piece of work?

Every time we see someone exposed to what really makes Perdue different, we see a huge reaction. At some point we just said, "What if that was the idea, what if we just lay out the facts and watch people react?" You’ll see how we take that idea even further with the second half of this campaign for Perdue fresh chicken, which doesn’t launch until January. But it was the same thing with the little kids, we knew if we found kids who truly hated their veggies that their reactions would be priceless once the Trojan horse was revealed.


Can you share with us any alternative ideas (if any) for this campaign? Why was this idea chosen?  

You can really get away with more in this format. All of our other creative ideas left people a bit down. There's hope in "Not too Chicken to Change" and the real stunts and reactions gave us permission to really "go there."


What was the greatest challenge that you and your team faced during development.

The Chevy campaign has really made creating "hidden camera/real people" creative an uphill battle. People are so conditioned to not believe what they are seeing. But if it’s done right, and done for real, people can tell. Perdue, VIA and Division 7 (production company) all held hands and agreed, we were going to do this for real. No gimmicks, just real folks and real reactions. It makes for a stressful shoot, but it was worth it—another example of Perdue's bravery.


What did you enjoy most about seeing this campaign through? Did you learn anything new from the experience?

When you make this kind of work, you had better have an awesome editor. Shout out to Sam and Shannon at VIA!


Where do you see this campaign going in the future?

Moving forward we're going to co-create briefs that can live up to "Not too Chicken to Change." That's a high bar, but that's what's so great about this campaign; it sets an expectation that the next thing you see from Perdue will be game-changing. I'm excited because I know the Perdue family can live up to it.