"For real change to happen, every leader needs to understand the value of belonging": Angie Moore, Nelson Schmidt

Empathetic leadership is crucial to building equitable teams

by India Fizer , AdForum

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Angie Moore
VP, Account Planning & Management Nelson Schmidt

Angie Moore, Vice President of Account Planning and Management at Nelson Schmidt Inc., provides valuable insight to building balanced and equitable teams: flexibility, listening to your team, and making space for open communication.


Can you tell us a bit about your role and your journey to arriving there?

I’ve been in account management roles at agencies as well as on the corporate side my entire life. I interned at Lindsey Stone and Briggs, a brand agency during college and from then on I knew it was the career for me! I love agency life; working among my peers with the same passions and drive as me is important. I feel fulfilled working on solving client problems and engraining myself in their business and industries. The diversity of clients keeps me alive.


What barriers do women still face in our industry and how can we challenge them?

On the brand side, just 4% of Fortune 500 Companies are led by female CEOs and only 19% of senior management positions are held by women. The need for diversity, not just in marketing but across all industries, is more apparent than ever.  


How do you use your position to build equitable teams that are diverse and balanced?

It is important to address all aspects of diversity when looking to build out a team. For real change to happen, every leader needs to understand the value of belonging, both intellectually and emotionally. I always practice empathetic leadership. At some point, everyone has been excluded, shamed, interrupted, belittled – we all know what that feels like. So, valuing the uniqueness of every individual is important. Make better connections. Listen to your employees. Create a safe space for communication.


Who are your female advertising icons/role models and why?

My mentor and role model was Betty Quadracci, the matriarch at Quad/Graphics. She gave me my first job. I worked for her for 4 years. She and I had many chats in her office. She was a fearless leader who reassured me to never dim my light. She played a pivotal role in my career. She impowered women, started Milwaukee Women Inc. and served as a driving force behind its mission. She was a forward-thinking executive.