Meet The Brandon Agency

This southern all-purpose agency with a “blue collar” work ethic and a “get it done” attitude is a rapidly expanding agency to watch.

Scott Brandon, lawyer-turned-agency CEO, has been making waves across the industry since taking over his father’s small agency in 2001. His digitally-minded, strategy-focused agency has been winning over brands through deep consumer insights, revolutionary business building ideas, and a little bit of southern charm. Headquartered in South Carolina, Brandon has successfully expanded his agency across seven offices throughout the southeastern U.S., with hubs in Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Chattanooga and Orlando.


President & COO, Tyler Easterling, balances out Scott’s business-savvy entrepreneurial spirit with a deep understanding of the advertising industry. Beginning in account management, Tyler has worked with long-lasting brands like Celebrity Cruises and the Jacksonville Jaguars, delivering strong results and gaining praise from clients and colleagues alike.


One of only 24 agencies worldwide certified as brand strategists, The Brandon Agency team credits their success with focused, collaborative teamwork. When discussing what makes them so effective at what they do, Brandon says it begins with brand strategy: “Everything starts and ends with the brand and our aim of telling compelling stories which clearly communicate our clients’ unique value propositions.”


This laser focus on strategy has helped them drive results time and again for big names, startups and in-between, having doubled sports watch brand Hook + Gaff’s sales in their first year together, grown the leads for tourism to Daytona Beach by over 200% and helped CresCom rise to the top in terms of banking performance on the NASDAQ.

When asked what allows them to consistently deliver growth, Brandon says it all boils down to category expertise: “We focus on 15 high growth categories and we excel at them.”


As with any agency, one of the key concerns for TBA is maintaining client relationships, as more brands take their creative needs in-house and competition sparks nearby. But one of the biggest challenges, according to Brandon, can actually be a result of a brand's success.


“As our clients grow, they have to bring on additional talent. Sometimes that’s through an acquisition and sometimes just organic growth. Often, the new team members have opinions, prior agency relationships, biases, etc. which impact our relationship. So, we approach each of these situations as an opportunity and take the time needed to establish one-on-one relationships and educate them on how The Brandon Agency does things and what we’re doing to help our client accomplish their goals. By doing this, we often head off potential problems before they occur.”


When it comes to retention, The Brandon Agency knows what works, having held Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday for half a century, with several other accounts close behind. This is extremely rare in the industry, and something that Brandon attributes to work ethic, attitude and results.

However, there's more than just the clients. As with any agency, a fundamental part of their offering is the people who work in it. When it comes to culture, they prefer to let it develop naturally. Employees move between offices and interact frequently, helping to keep TBA’s core values alive. Overall, Brandon describes his agency’s atmosphere as “Fast-paced, fun and playful. We work hard, and we play hard and that’s true for us day-in and day-out, at each of our offices.”


So, what can we expect from the almost 60-year-old agency in the coming months? “Growth – and plenty of it! We’re looking to grow our team, grow our people, grow our capabilities and grow our clients. That’s what lays ahead for us, and we could not be more excited about it,” Brandon says.



About The Brandon Agency

The Brandon Agency is a trusted, proven group of idea generators who think and problem solve differently. As a digitally-minded, fully integrated national firm, with hubs in Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Charlotte, Orlando and more, The Brandon Agency is made up of 100-plus savvy, results-obsessed experts who consult, advise and deliver revolutionary business-building ideas time and again. Equal parts business consultant, technologist, analyst and marketer, the agency consistently guides businesses toward growth, powering successful programs and campaigns for hundreds of national brands across dozens of industries including banking and finance, e-commerce, food service, health care, real estate, technology and tourism. Notable clients include Green Giant, ScanSource, Hook + Gaff, Fish Hippie, frogg toggs, Farmers Telephone Cooperative and Horry Telephone Cooperative.