Meet the Interns: DDB SF's Madison Kichler

Tell us about your internship, what are your main responsibilities?

My main responsibilities at DDB as an art director intern revolve around making visual content for their social or integrated campaigns depending on the client. I also contribute to the overall ideation phase of the creative process when a new brief is presented.

Do you have a dream account or brand you’d like to work with? Which one?

I think my dream account would be Apple or Nike. I think their ads are always really inspirational and super creative.


Talk to us about the culture in your office, how has it impacted your internship?

The culture is very open and easygoing. We work really hard when we need to and then when things slow down we take a breath and are able to have a good time together. I think this has made me really see both sides of a creative career because it’s not always jokes and having a good time. Work still has to get done and sometimes you sacrifice fun to make sure the work is really great.

What have you learned about the advertising industry that surprised you?

I think the most surprising thing I have learned is that we will have ideas that we think are really smart and they will die because the client doesn’t understand the idea or agree with the agency.

Choose a current popular advertising trend and tell us what’s interesting about it:

I really like the move towards brands being more environmentally aware and adding subtle notes of that into their ads. I think if we have the platform to say something that could potentially help the world we live in we should use it.

Imagine your dream job, where are you, what does a day-to-day look like?

My dream job would be to paint murals all around the world. Day-to-day would be starting murals in different cities, finishing them, and then traveling to the next place, with some days off to explore new cultures. I would love to inspire other girls to take on large works of art - and show the men how to do it!

Are you considering another internship, or looking for jobs now? What are your next steps?

I am currently looking for other internships and jobs at the moment. I still have one semester of school left so I have to finish that up and then I’d like to start looking for a full time job.

What is your favorite ad of all time?

I’m a big fan of Mac vs. PC. I think it’s really smart.