Meet the Interns: Ep & Co's Janna Marin

A tight knit community makes for better teamwork thus better creative work.

Tell us about your internship, what are your main responsibilities?

I have had the best internship at EP+Co. in NY, because I get to learn from a small production team of 4 experienced producers + business manager who are amazing and willing to teach me anything and everything about production. I received such an enhanced experience here because I had the chance to work with all the producers on their different projects in various production stages on a range of high-profile clients. My main responsibilities are shadowing and contributing any assistance to the producers including helping with budgets, schedules, production assistance on shoots, and learning the ins and outs of post sessions. EP+Co was by far my favorite internship I’ve ever had because I learned so much from all-star producers making the best creative content. I aspire to be just like them one day! 

Do you have a dream account or brand you’d like to work with? Which one?

I’d love to work with different non-profits from large ones like Susan G. Komen for Breast Cancer Awareness, to small local ones like Your Local Teen Bullying Prevention organization. I want to help spread their messages to help educate everyone on important causes that affect millions of people. It would give me great joy to create content that may help save someone’s life or at the least bring awareness to help those in need. 

Talk to us about the culture in your office, how has it impacted your internship?

The culture in my office is so friendly! Everyone gets to work with everyone, cross-office, and is even better friends with each other. A tight knit community makes for better teamwork thus better creative work. It’s impacted my internship because everyone knows I’m just starting out and they help me and answer any of my questions. When an agency has an open environment with everyone willing to help you succeed, that’s when you know you’re getting the best experience. Also the free food and ping-pong matches made it a lot fun too! 

What have you learned about the advertising industry that surprised you?

It really is “who you know” in this industry. The chances of you getting a job from simply applying are far less than if you know someone or have connections based on experience, etc. So if you’re like me and grew up in Texas or a non-advertising agency area and know nobody in advertising then you really have to go out there and meet as many people as possible. Go to those networking events, don’t be shy and talk to everyone you can because chances are they will help or know someone that will help you one day. You can also join programs like 4A’s MAIP (Multicultural Advertising Intern Program) and AAF’s MPMS (Most Promising Multicultural Student), to help multicultural students receive professional development and networking opportunities. Both were amazing programs that helped me gain a larger network and better intern experience, readying me for this industry! 

Choose a current popular advertising trend and tell us what’s interesting about it:

Brands are starting to become agents for change. Through ads we have the power to shape consumers aspirations, reinforce values, and raise awareness of important issues. Brands focusing on creating conversations about shared values has made them more human in the process instead of money hungry corporations. For example, Always’ #LikeAGirl campaign by Leo Burnett focused on the issue of female empowerment and BBDO’s “Evan” spot for Sandy Hook Promise, shocks us and raises our awareness for looking for the potential warning signs of a school shooting. Any brand can find a way to relate to a social change and make their ads meaningful in the media. This advertising trend will educate important values and even save lives. 

Imagine your dream job, where are you, what does a day-to-day look like?

My dream job is producing diverse brand content or working for a non-profit that continues much needed conversations and educates consumers. Day to day would be working with a diverse driven team that has the same values as I do, along with getting those schedules, budgets, shoots, and post sessions executed to the best of my ability!

Are you considering another internship, or looking for jobs now? What are your next steps?

My next steps are uncertain; I am looking for jobs in Texas but also open to considering staying in New York depending on the opportunity. Either way I want to be an associate producer at an ad agency with a great team making diverse and thought-provoking brand content that will add value to consumer’s media. 

What is your favorite ad of all time?

Jarrito’s “The Journey” is my all-time favorite ad because it is an inspiring ode to immigrants that make the U.S. great. It’s beautifully made showcasing every type of immigrant imaginable depicting their story with a perfect emotional appeal. Their journey starts from the beginning of history till now in many different professions, from migrant workers, students and to surgeons. But my favorite part about this ad is it reminds me of my dad because he immigrated here from Mexico to have a better life. His journey led to us having a better life and I’ll forever be grateful. People need to see more ads like this in our current society, especially now with the controversies surrounding immigration reform.