New Campaign: Christie's vs Kristie's

A look into a 7-year old's bajillion dollar plan for charity.

It's Christie's vs. Kristie's -- A famous Play-Doh sculpture at a big fancy auction house vs. a 7-year-old's Play-Doh sculpture she made in her playroom that she's auctioning on eBay.

Having seen the awe-inspiring sculpture on the news and in person, Kristie decided she could make one “just as amazing” and is auctioning it off on eBay to help raise money for children in need.


Lisa Topol, Chief Creative Officer, DDB New York and Derek Barnes, Chief Creative Officer, DDB New York, took some time to answer a few questions about this fun campaign for Play-Doh


In a few words, tell us about your role in this campaign?

This is an agency-generated idea, in which we helped Play-Doh tell the story of “The other Christie’s auction.” Specifically, that of a little girl named Kristie, who was inspired when she saw the Play-doh sculpture being auctioned at the famous Christie’s auction house.


How did the idea to support this auction come about?

There’s nothing wrong with wealthy investors paying millions for a Play-doh sculpture, but we saw the opportunity to create art with a more altruistic goal that reflects Hasbro’s values of shaping kids’ imaginations, while benefitting one of their charities.


How difficult was it to sell this idea to Hasbro?

We all instantly saw the magic of the idea, and knew it would resonate with Play-doh consumers who embrace all things creative.


Has Jeff Koons commented on Kristie’s sculpture?

No. He hasn’t commented. Yet. Maybe he’s just too awestruck by her use of color and form. 


Is there any chance that more of Kristie’s art will go to auction?

It’s totally possible. Kristie is so proud of her creation and she’s been sharing it with all of her friends. It’s really inspired her to create more. Plus, she went nuts when she saw bids go up on her auction.


Kristie’s Super Awesome Auction runs through Thursday, May 24 at 8pm! People can bid on Kristie’s Play-Doh sculpture here.