Peru is the second country in the world that has grown the most in gaming penetration


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Raul Gonzales
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Andrea Corvetto
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With so many forms of digital media, and new ones always on the horizon, how do you determine which way of pushing content is the most viable?

Raul Gonzales: The best way is through organic content. That is, not through content that tries to impose a trend, but through content that adds to what users already generate/converse on networks, but providing something of value that enriches that conversation and takes it to the next level. In addition, collaborative experiences must be generated, where people have something to continue contributing from that boost that a brand brings to the table.
Andrea Corvetto: I think it is important to take advantage of the richest thing that the digital world has: Data. Follow the Data. Peru is the second country in the WORLD that has grown the most in gaming penetration (first is India) according to Warc in 2020. We must try to organically enter the places where the data tells us that people are.

How does the boundless framework of the metaverse make it appealing for brands and marketers to get involved in this new form of media?

Andrea Corvetto: I think we still talk about the Metaverse without fully understanding what it consists of and I think we are at that key point in this entire digital era where it is the early adopters who have a greater understanding of this that as we speak continues to be created . To what I am going with this, that there is a mystique behind it, a fear of missing out, the well-known FOMO from which brands and us advertisers on the metaverse should not fall. It is more than idyllic to think that you can go to the store of your favorite brand without getting up from the armchair with a much more personalized and exponential experience, but you have to understand the implications that this has. Especially when the metaverse is in full construction and integration of ecosystems in a still incipient market like Peru with a country and economy in crisis. I think brands have to try, make mistakes and thus learn, but the next 5 years will be revolutionary and it will be much easier for us to talk about this, obviously not? There will be much greater certainty and we will have gone through a learning curve that, as always, can be a bit painful.
Raul Gonzales: The metaverse has a lot of potential to generate experiences with consumers, but the costs involved in developing technology that lives up to what the metaverse offers us is still very expensive. The challenge is to find spaces where, by making use of existing technology, especially in the world of metaverse gaming, transcendent experiences can be generated that are not only fun, but also generate a relationship between brands and consumers/users.

What plans, if any, does your agency have to expand its reach into the metaverse?

Andrea Corvetto: With FTW we are always looking to find opportunities with our clients to enter the world of gaming which is another monster industry that is growing by leaps and bounds. The metaverse does nothing more than this collision between gaming, virtual reality, streaming, NFTS and cryptocurrencies. It is this place where we all find ourselves, inside, it is no longer the place we see.
We have managed to take a big step working with different brands on platforms such as Minecraft, Dota and now the latest with Pilsen and Discord with a translator for people with hearing disabilities. I think that's the way to go, to keep finding or generating these spaces so that we stop talking about the metaverse and start doing things in it.

In what ways can the increase in virtual presence lead to more successful campaigns and what would a virtual space allow you to do that traditional media hasn’t?

Raul Gonzales: The virtual world definitely gives the option of creating much larger, immersive experiences that impact many people simultaneously. In addition, it breaks borders, making markets that are local today become regional or even global based on experiences that make a difference and respect the language of this virtual world.
Andrea Corvetto: Another important point about virtual presence is the ability to measure in real time how a campaign is performing. This is not given to you by any other means, and it is very important to measure what is working, what is not, iterate/correct it and re-implement. We have to understand that this is constant learning and the data is giving you the best idea.

How do you anticipate the metaverse shaping new forms of storytelling in advertising?

Raul Gonzales: A change that can already be seen in the digital world, but that will become much bigger after the entry of the metaverse, is the development of non-linear stories, where the user will have control, not only of what happens, but how. and when it happens, being the main actor who sets the tone for the development of the stories. In some way, the brands are going to lose control, they will only have the possibility of delivering a "framework" with some basic rules, where the user will decide what to do. It's a bit like what happens with the block chain, power to the people, the democracy of information is already here, it's a fact, perhaps we are talking about the democracy of advertising in the not too distant future.

Given the interactive nature of these virtual spaces, how do you see this affecting the way consumers consume and engage with advertisements?

Raul Gonzales: Consumers are going to demand increasingly immediate and transcendent experiences, where brands respond to their needs in this virtual world immediately. Andrea Corvetto: I think we are talking about something that we have tried to do for a long time, but we have not achieved it and that is omnichannel. This is going to be, eventually, a must for brands. We are going to have to work hard to understand that the person is one and receives different messages at different points of contact at different times of their day. All that journey will have to be understood in its entirety so that there is coherence and you feel that a single brand speaks to you.