Point of View: Director, Jeremy Goodall

Interview with Jeremy Goodall

POV: Director

How would you describe what you do?
I am a creative film maker
How did you get into this job?
I started at age 17 as a unit runner and worked my way up through the camera department.
What is most challenging about what you do?
Ensuring that I understand and deliver the clients requirements accurately
What is most rewarding?
Seeing all aspects of a commercial I am working on come together.
What’s a typical work week like?
Pre production on one job, production on another and post production on a third.
What needs to happen the most in order for a shoot to run smoothly?
A clear and open line of communication between the ad agency, the client and myself/production company.
Whats your best job/worst job?
Impossible to say. Over the many years I have had a few of both. Bad jobs are very rare. Something has to go horribly wrong to result in a job being classified as bad.
What advice would you offer someone considering a career as a Director?
Be humble, listen a lot and work hard. It is not a glamour business as some might think.
If you had one project that you could post on AdForum to represent your work, what would it be?
Golf GTI
Finally tell us something that most people don’t know about being a Director?
A director is only part of a team and is as good as his/her weakest link. Be sure to be kind and encourage/inform everybody in the team including and not least the actors.
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