RAPP supports parents in advertising with flexibility

Proving that empathy goes a long way in supporting working parents

by India Fizer , AdForum

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Lindsay King
Associate Creative Director RAPP

Lindsay King, Associate Creative Director at RAPP, speaks to us about how the agency supports working parents and what policies are in place to help working parents thrive.


Tell us a bit about your role. How does your experience as a parent inform your work?

Mostly it makes coffee even more of a necessity. Really though, as an Associate Creative Director, being a parent adds a layer of understanding from an audience perspective. I’m a member of a club I wasn’t just a few years ago, with a more intimate comprehension of the challenges and joys of pregnancy and parenthood. It also clarifies my priorities. I have no choice but to work smarter rather than harder, because my kid goes to bed on the early side, and it’s important to me to spend time with her.

In what ways does your agency support flexible work arrangements to accommodate the diverse needs of working parents?
The HR team at RAPP really worked with me to try and maximize my available paid leave time, a much-appreciated exercise that allowed me to bond with my daughter and get through the newborn haze. When I first came back from leave, I was able to set more flexible working hours around my daughter’s daytime schedule. I continue to be able to work flexibly when needed to attend doctor’s appointments or care for her when she’s home sick.


Advertising plays a vital role in influencing public perception. How are agencies and brands adapting ad comms to inclusivity around parenting?
I think representation is a powerful first step, and I’m heartened to see more examples of the many ways to become and be parents out there in advertising. When it comes to parenting (and honestly, living as a human in general), empathy and authenticity are key. Empathy is a powerful connecting force, authenticity is highly valued by consumers, and a brand that can harness both will really offer something that feels special and resonates strongly with their audience.

Something I’d love to see change is the heteronormativity in the ways we see people caring for their children and homes — more Capable Dads Doing Things That Aren’t Lawn Care or Grilling, please!