Steady & Committed Relationship: Eventive Marketing and Nutrabolt

What is the longevity of the relationship between your agency and the brand and how did this relationship begin? 

Eventive Marketing and Nutrabolt have been working together for almost a year and half. The “Courting” first began in October of 2017 when we were introduced to one another by a mutual friend. The Nutrabolt company was looking for help with their C4 brand, doing influencer marketing, strategic event sponsorship and sampling. Eventive was recommended as a leading Field Marketing agency. After a few conversations, an RFP and a chemistry meeting, Nutrabolt “swiped right.”


Tell us about the first campaign your agency worked on for the brand.

When a relationship is new, both parties are excited and energized. We set out to help C4, the leading pre-workout performance beverage, share their message of scientific research, efficacy and excellent taste profile. Eventive identified key attributes in individuals that emulate the C4 sports, science and athletic lifestyle, and proceeded to build teams in our key target markets.

We created evergreen Field Teams in 6 select markets. These individuals are full-time employees dedicated to the Cellucor C4 brand. They spend their weeks reaching like-minded individuals and imparting product knowledge. Gyms and fitness centers might receive product drops for all of their trainers, while our branded vehicle may show up at a local surf competition or CrossFit event and hand out samples. On a weekend, our teams will set up a branded footprint at events like Model Volleyball or WodaPalooza, giving consumers the opportunity to more deeply engage with our brand experts. These opportunities also allow us to gain data on our consumers and build a social following.


What has been the most innovative/successful campaign created by your agency for the brand?

We really took our relationship to the next level when Nutrabolt asked Eventive to imagine and design their trade show presence for several key conventions. Translating the C4 aesthetic and message to a B-to-B audience, we created single and multi-brand event footprints that travelled to 7-Eleven , GNC and Vitamin Shoppe trade shows. These were highly trafficked branded booths that stood out from the competition and consequently grew distribution and incremental sales. We are innovating again this year and going to additional events like NACS.


What factors have enabled you both to stay in a partnership?

Being frank, year one was not without its ups and downs. New relationships are not without their tests, and it’s not until you face adversity that you determine how both sides deal with it. Eventive is proud of our highly collaborative nature, and that’s a large factor in how we have managed to keep this partnership on a positive upswing.

We embed with our clients like Nutrabolt, and we genuinely care about the success of our work. So, when the going got a bit tough, we rolled up our sleeves even further, leaned in and listened, and course-corrected the plan, making our partnership even stronger than before.


What do you identify as being the biggest change in the industry for the brands?  In which way have you adapted to meet this change?

Change can be unsettling in a comfortable relationship. A few months into our relationship, we were met with a huge change when C4 released a brand new formulation - a 16oz carbonated can. This became the focus of our efforts. Not only did this mean new distribution channels, but also a differentiated target, which required adjusting our tactics accordingly. But Eventive embraces change easily, and this was such an exciting one. So with a few strategic tweaks, we worked with Nutrabolt to basically create a new product category together as the first carbonated performance beverage in a ready-to-drink can at Mass Merch, C- stores and grocery.


How would you describe the relationship between you and this client? In what ways has the dynamic changed since you first began working together?

I see this as a steady, committed relationship. We’ve made it over some humps, and we know and trust each other, which is of course, the basis of any good relationship. Right now, the relationship is still young and new, and the thrill is alive and well. We know that with time, like any relationship, we will have to work harder to keep it fresh, and we look forward to the challenge of growing with our clients.