Storydoing, not just storytelling - Bangkok's Yell Advertising

by Carol Mason , AdForum (NYC)

Yell Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand
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Exploring the marketing environment in Asia, we spoke to Bangkok's Yell Advertising about the impact of culture on marcoms and how the region is looking at sustainability.

What does a snapshot of life in Bangkok look like? 

Bangkok is one of the world's most amazing cities. Everything happens in this city, from the combination of culture, street economy, and extraordinary nightlife to the upscale business district. Start your day with a multicultural breakfast on every corner, then meet globally with a partner in a well-designed office environment before hanging out with friends at a pub near the temple. It's completely insane! However, Bangkok teaches us to appreciate people diversity. That is why Thai humor and creativity are so distinct. Because our city provides us with a wide range of unique experiences. 

Compared to other large cities though, Bangkok is not yet a sustainability-friendly metropolis and several major Thai companies are trying to address that. We have worked with a number of major brands to seek more collaboration from the government, businesses, and citizens in order to enhance our environment. 

Which brands have been helping consumers to make eco-conscious decisions in your country and what kind of messaging do they use in their campaigns?

CP Group is leading the way - Charoen Pokphand Group, one of the largest conglomerates in Thailand and globally. One of our recent campaigns, "meaning mouthful", raised awareness about food waste issues. Their brand position is of "storydoing" rather than "storytelling", about how they produce food with zero waste and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Another great example in Thailand is Angoon Oil. Under the positioning "Consistently Care," the brand demonstrates how it cares for the earth, from the manufacturing process to the final product design.

Do you think that the marketing industry can and should be a force for good, doing more to advance sustainability locally and globally?

If we don't start immediately, we should build our new home on Mars! Marketing must operate on both a local and global scale. We understand how marketing influences consumers in every aspect of their lives, and we are driven by natural forces to change. If we continue to consume, we must improve our consumption habits. 

How do your city’s arts and culture inspire creativity and assist in brand communications?

After nearly 300 years of Bangkok history, our historical locations feature unique ASEAN styles, all within one of the world's most multicultural cities. This diversity has strongly influenced us - Art in Bangkok is not only found in museums, but also on the streets, in nightclubs, and in the many businesses from all over the world that have established themselves in Bangkok. Simply living as a Bangkokian provides our team with a wide range of campaign ideas.