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Point of View

Interview with Director Jan Mantanakorn  read more


"The biggest challenge? We’re still using a chisel instead of an ice pick."  read more


Publicis Groupe’s production company Prodigious has officially opened its new social-oriented Content Factory to agencies and clients. We went to...  read more

Point of View

"Most people who aren’t in the industry don’t really know the difference between what a producer and director does."  read more

Point of View

Dave Wood describes himself as a juggler, an interpret who ocasionnaly point cameras  read more

Point of View

"I wanted to be the Queen of Sheba, but apparently that job had already been filled so I went for the next logical option: a director."  read more


AdForum talks with the STUDIO’s Mary Nittolo and Mike Ocasio about the need for the constant proliferation of content - one of the challenges the...  read more


In honor of International Women’s Day, AdForum is showcasing the achievements of women in advertising in the month of March through a series of...  read more

Headline Makers

The directors on Rattling Stick’s roster have overseen projects ranging from children’s charities to Bond movie credits. Watching over them all is...  read more

Everything changed for Argentine director Armando Bó when his script for Birdman won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. Now based in...  read more

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