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Exclusive Perspectives 4 May 2018

"Like a Girl made us wonder when and how we lost that confidence, and damned if we let it happen to the next generation." read more

Exclusive Perspectives 12 April 2018

"If you’re in a position to hire a woman, hire her. That said, she better be as good as the man that’s competing for the same job. The point of the... read more

Perspectives 12 April 2018

"I hope to inspire the next generation by being fearless, by equipping them with the tools to be the best in their trade, by creating an... read more

Exclusive Perspectives 23 March 2018

"Role models in higher-up agency positions should do their best to be visible and engaging to millennials and Gen-Zers." read more

Exclusive Perspectives 20 March 2018

"This shouldn’t turn into ‘women versus men’ – only by working together can we create more opportunities for women" read more

Exclusive Perspectives 20 March 2018

"As we begin to see more diversity at the higher levels, we also see representation in the work itself." read more

Exclusive Perspectives 20 March 2018

"As a working woman with a family, I feel that more respect and support of a woman's role in her family would help a lot" read more

Exclusive Perspectives 20 March 2018

"We still have a lot of work to do to give more women a leadership voice in this industry" read more

Exclusive Perspectives 4 January 2018

We would like to thank Audrey Melofchik, EVP Team Leader of HP account at BBDO San Francisco for taking the time to participate in this interview... read more