Super Bowl 2018: Courtney Vincent, PMH

"When a brand does get everything just right, I smile for them and throw bitcoins and cartwheels at them."


In a few words, can you tell us who you are and what your job title is?
Courtney Vincent, Creative Director PMH.
The current price for a 30 second slot is over $5 million. In your opinion is the spend worth it?
It’s tough to stand out in an environment where everyone else is trying to do the same. So yeah, if creatively you take a risk with it – indeed. Fortuna Favet Fortibus. So much of the ad value comes from the social media buzz after the fact.
Who do you think is the ‘brand to watch’ at this year’s Super Bowl?
Skittles with their “exclusivity” – the Super Bowl ad featuring David Schwimmer that only Marcos Menendez from Canoga Park can view. The rest of us get to watch his reaction. Hilarity/genius. The teasers stole the show even before the show. Being in Minneapolis, I’m hoping to see the gag play out “experientially” as they say. Haven’t spotted anything just yet, beyond getting handled a sample of spicy Skittles which my kids thought tasted like salad. (As if they’d know what salad tastes like.)
Do you think advertisers can benefit from taking a political/social stance in the Super Bowl?
I think there’s a lot of pressure for advertisers to say something profound and meaningful right about now. Golden Globes, Grammys, Super Bowl, Oscars – all have become these massive town hall platforms with guaranteed eyeballs. No one wants to be insensitive or mess up. Especially brands. (And me at the moment.)

People’s care-meters are being taxed and parroting back the latest indignity isn’t enough. Brands can avoid being disingenuous by acting on what they’re waxing about. Nothing bums me out more than brands who take a stance, then you scratch below the surface and they’re the antichrist.
Are there any fumbled opportunities that come to mind when you think of past Super Bowl advertising?
Just the ones trying so hard to be funny, but aren’t really all that funny. I think we can all sense the brands that tested the life out of ideas and wrung good creative people dry. You can smell kids missing their parents through the TV.

But when a brand does get everything just right, being gloriously daring and smart – I smile for them and throw bitcoins and cartwheels at them.
Eagles or Patriots?
What is your favorite Super Bowl ad of all time?
Reebok and Terry Tate. I still use the “Hey Janice” line which no one but my husband gets which is why we’re still together.