Our Way of Working Will Be Changed Forever: Fred Moolhuijsen

Clients will look for ways to use the crisis to connect with consumers once again.


Brand & Business Architects
Vreeland, Netherlands
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First, please tell us a little about your business.

Our business has 4 pillars: Pitch consultancy, Marketing Consultancy, Business Coaching, M&A. In terms of revenue, equally divided.

How has your business changed since the pandemic? Have you held any virtual pitches and if so, what is your assessment of them?

Our business reduced by 80%. Projects were postponed or cancelled. However, now we are restarting, despite losing a full quarter's revenue. 

What’s your view of the state of our industry, both now and in the short-medium term? Where is the opportunity?

On the agency side: Business in general is picking up again. The weak have become weaker and may consider stopping or merging. The strong ones remain strong and will invest in becoming dominant.

Client side: In some segments it is a deadpool. But overall clients will look for ways to use the crisis to connect with consumers once again.

Overall, I think our way of working will be changed forever: 60% office – 40% at home. More virtual meeting internally and with clients / agencies. Offices will become something of a clubhouse.

Do you have any tips for agencies invited to pitch in these socially distanced times? 

Send videos and other materials in advance. My advice is to host the pitch zoom meetings out of the office, with your staff present. This is far better than home videos! 

What would your advice be to a brand that wants to give its marketing strategy a caffeine shot?

Ask your agency to come up with new fresh initiatives in marketing innovation, not solely communications.