Yell is making history as the first Thai agency with an international network

Dissara Udomdej, Founder and CCO at Yell, on their partnership with Bacon Creative and Shanghai Soundsplan

by India Fizer , AdForum

Yell Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dissara Udomdej
CEO/CCO Yell Advertising

Independent agency Yell has recently partnered with Singapore's Bacon Creative and China's Shanghai Soundsplan Marketing & Planning, becoming the first Thai agency with an international network. This move enhances their ability to serve Asia-Pacific customers and expands their global reach.

Yell Bangkok's Founder and CCO, Dissara Udomdej, fills us in on their new vision of emphasizing an 'Effectively Creative'  work style with this new creative partnership.


Congrats on the agencys recent expansion! How did this partnership come about?

We want to help our clients get to the international level. There are numerous brands in Thailand that provide products and services of international quality. We started in Singapore three years ago as Yell International, and that worked because pandemics force people to adopt new ways of working. We made a survey with locals in Singapore and Shanghai to find someone who shares our beliefs and then used the network of our advisory council to create a list of potential agencies.


What makes Bacon Creative and Shanghai Soundsplan Marketing & Planning the right partners for this collaboration?

Bacon Creative, a boutique agency in Singapore, was on our list of potential partners because they align with our beliefs. After we collaborated on some pilot projects, we were confident that they were the right partner for us. SOUNDs Shanghai is an interesting Shanghai advertising agency and they are a problem-solving firm for clients. That is the formula because Yell needs a partner who is heading in the same direction as us. The Effectively Creative!


How will this new network benefit brands in the region?

One of the barriers to understanding local insight in Asia is language. First, we can get more data and insights from local brands rather than just research firms. To serve international clients, we formed a centric resource alliance. Second, service was leveraged across the country. Third, our group has created a talent development exchange. All of this contributes to the improvement of our quality service.


As the first Thai agency with an international network, you are poised to revolutionize agency capability. Why do you think this hasnt happened before now?

Thailand's creative industry is well-known and is home to many notable creative people. But I'm not a creative; I'm a creative entrepreneur. It has set me apart from other creative leaders in Thailand. This could be why no one has ever wanted to establish an international network. I simply conduct business, which I enjoy.


This expansion marks a new creative chapter for Yell, business opportunities, and opens the door for sustainable growth. Read more about the partnership here.