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Daniel Minaker & Sebastián Tarazaga (Wunderman Thompson)

In their first year at the helm of Wunderman's creative direction for Latin America, Daniel Minaker and Sebastián "Patán" Tarazaga debuted at the Cannes Lions in the best way, winning lions. "The balance is very good, Wunderman won lions and got Shortlists with the offices in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Peru, which is great because it is very positive to bring lions to the region in the first year we are here after having taken the creative control of the agency in the region, "said Tarzaga, to which Minaker added," It's a very good step to start building a stronger structure. "

For Daniel Minaker this edition of the Cannes Lions was special because it meant his debut as a Jury, being one of the 10 juries in the Brand Experience and Activation category. "It was a spectacular experience, Cannes is clearly the one that sets the agenda a bit in the world of festivals," he said and then told that despite the excitement it was a demanding process, "The jury was very diverse with men and women from different regions, which made many conversations necessary to have an understanding of the publicity and the different contexts to be able to find points of agreement We saw and judged more than 2500 registered pieces, we arrived with a Longlist of 400, then a Shortlist of more of 100 and we finished delivering eight golds The winning works are very good and I am very proud of the work of the whole jury ", he explained.

Regarding his opinion on the current edition of Cannes, Tarazaga highlighted the increased presence of customers this year, "I love it, that's great for the industry because it makes customers also want to raise the rod and do better work every day On the other hand, it also gives the festival a share of realism, I have seen clients defend a piece and explain the idea with a passion as if they were part of the agency, which is great and positive for the festival and for everyone. "

Regarding the industry trends that have been perceived in Cannes, Daniel Minaker said, "From the category of Brand Experience and Activation what I saw is that the era of saying the brands was over and the doing was rewarded. In all the cases we saw there were no promises of the brands but they went from storytelling to storydoing ". Sebastián Tarazaga pointed out, "in most of the talks I was talking about, people are now looking for Brands with Purpose. If the brand has a purpose that leaves something, people like it much better, to accept it much more and they take it as their own, and brands should all work towards a future where they have a clear and good purpose for people. "

Finally, we asked the Creative Directors of Wunderman for Latin America their opinion on the discrete performance of the region in the Cannes Lions 2019, a situation about which Daniel Minaker considered, "There are already several years in which Latin America has to fight from below. and markets like the United States, England or France lead by scandal. I think there is a theme of scale and contexts that makes that happen, beyond the generation of ideas where Latin America continues to shine, in Cannes it is judged and the impact of campaigns in real life is taken into account. people and from that place is where Latin America is more disadvantaged. " 

(Original article published on INSIDER LATAM)

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