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Freddie Laker, Darren McColl & Omar Epps (PART 1)

Freddie Laker, Darren McColl from Sapientnitro & Omar Epps, the actor, writer and successful entrepreneur have been interviewed by Angela Natividad in Cannes. Here is the first part of the interview

Omar Epps is a famous American actor. Best-known for his role of Doctor Foreman in the global TV hit “House”, he also starred in many movies such as Scary Movie 2 and also played in TV Shows such as ER for a few years as Doctor Dennis Gant.
But not only is he an actor, Omar Epps is also a writer, a music producer, a director, a musician and a successful entrepreneur. He is the President of Brooklyn Works Films and has a lot of projects in development for which he has written of he will direct.
He has been invited by the American global marketing strategy agency SapientNitro to be a speaker for their seminar “Global Brands Vs Global Celebrities: Who’s The Smarter Marketer?”.
Freddie Laker, his co-speaker, is the Vice President of the global marketing strategy for SapientNitro America. He is responsible for supporting and expanding the agency’s multi-national accounts. He has lived and worked in North America, in Europe, and in Asia. He recently returned from the SapientNitro’s office in Shanghai where he played a leadership role in the expansion of their digital offerings and in their development of new business. Darren McColl, Vice-President, Global Brand Strategy & Marketing. He presents himself as a strategic thinker helping clients grow their business, by bringing insight to strategy and inspiration to creativity.
They accompanied Omar Epps for his interview with AdForum by Angela Natividad 

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