Gijsbregt Vijn & Rogier Heijning (Lemon Scented Tea)

Gijsbregt Vijn and Rogier Heijning from Lemon Scented Tea answer our questions.


Gijsbregt Vijn is the Founder and Managing director of Lemon Scented Tea; The Storytelling Agency. He is also a speaker on the cross roads of storytelling, content marketing, technology and new brand building@ o.a. Marcom, Sanoma MediaMatters, Branded Content Event, Social Conference. Rogier Heijning, his partner, is also Creative Director


To learn more about them, look at their talent profiles below 

Gijsbregt Vijn
Founder Lemon Scented Tea, Amsterdam

Rogier Heijning
Creative Director & Partner Lemon Scented Tea

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