Meet the most influential agency executives, creative minds, and innovative production companies at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

James Hilton

James Hilton; you refreshing bastion of brute honesty- I salute you.

Cyber Jury member at this years Cannes Lions -Hilton demanded the winning campaign should incite him to spring to his feet triumphantly beating his chest followed by a boisterous bellowing of "Thank god at last, somebody gets IT!"- Slight exaggeration there but you get the idea. Oh James you and that ever elusive "IT" - something all those in the creative world crave to find, understand and conquer.... Not one to be swept of his feet easily (one would imagine) yet it appears it was actually love at first sight for Hilton when he cast his eyes on the interactive documentary "Clouds over Cuba". In the Cyber Section. Obviously.
The Pink Floyd enthusiastic believes advertising should minister to the needs of the people not the brand. I like this man. Pointless marketing is serving as just another brick in the wall of brand advertising; severing any chance of creative juices to flow and more people-orientated campaigns to be created. However to combat this it appeared the running theme of the Young Lions this year was "removing pain"-the future looks bright my dear friends. 

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