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Jason Choi

Jason Choi answered a few questions after the Cheil Seminar

Jason Choi is Director of Cheil Worldwide’s Global Crossover Group, which focuses on the development of digital marketing, strategies and technological advancements in the realm of global marketing, largely for the digital campaigns for Samsung Electonics. Based out of the Seoul headquarters, Jason leads a team of 25 digital experts who create overall strategies for web, social media, mobile research, engine marketing, usablitiy, new media, research and interactive brand development for Cheil Worldwide’s global and local clients. Jason gave us a visit and participated to the adforum experience after his seminar. He answered a few of our questions. Cheil seminar pointed out that traditional TV is not dead. Over the years, people have always had  basic needs linked to entertainment and utilities. The technology has evolved to fullfill them. The TV content is about to evolve towards more interactivity. The TV of tomorrow is almost there (all and everything connected). The virtuous cercle of creation: more applications, therefore more TV sets adapted and more applications and accessibility to the public, just as smartphones. It’s very likely that this will develop first in the US and then around the world.  A NEW TV EXPERIENCE
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