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#MyLions 3 at Cannes Lions 2023

Cannes Day3, we talk with a multinational team from McCann; Sigal Abudy-Weber from McCann Tel Aviv, Adrian Botan from McCann Europe, Emiliano Gonzalez de Pietri from McCann Spain and Ruxandra Papuc from McCann Romania

Adrian Botan
Chief Creative Officer Europe McCann
Emiliano Gonzalez De Pietri
CCO McCann Spain Chief Creative Integration Officer McCann WG
Ruxandra Papuc
Executive Creative Director McCann Worldgroup


In today's chat show we spotlight McCann and some of the ground-breaking creativity from the agency, that takes on critical social issues. 

Starting in Romania, we look at ION, which is the employment of an AI bot within the Romanian government. The purpose is build to better connection between the people and politicians, in a country where more than half of the people feel they are not heard. View the work here.

McCann client Mastercard has been developing a brand position for social good, equality and opportunity over the last few years. Adrian Botan shares with us insight on the brand's 'Where to Settle' project - an app that helps Ukrainian refugees identify the best location in Poland, where they will have good economic and job opportunities.

Talking with Sigal Abudy-Weber from McCann in Tel Aviv, we hear about how the agency brings Holocaust survivors and Gen-Z gamers together. Research shows that there is a staggering lack of knowledge in the Gen-Z demographic regarding the Holocaust, yet many games borrow from World War 2 imagery to create their backdrops and story lines. View the video here.  



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