Meet the most influential agency executives, creative minds, and innovative production companies at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

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Studio 27 June 2017

John Doris, Managing Director at HunkyDory Films is interviewed during the Cannes Lions read more

Red Carpet 29 June 2016

Ada Bliggard Søby, director at Bacon, talks about her career, being a woman in the direction world... read more

Red Carpet 23 June 2016

Harry Tracosas, President/CEO at Global Production Network, tells Mark Tungate his professional story read more

Red Carpet 23 July 2015

Matt Hoffmann, director at Independent, discusses his brother and colleague Mark and their working relationship.  read more

TOPIC: production
Red Carpet 22 July 2015

Austen Humphries, director at Rattling Stick, discusses his background, the way he works with others directors... read more

Studio 17 July 2015

Koen Mortier and Joe Vanhoutteghem, directors at Czar, discuss about their motto... read more

TOPIC: production
Studio 16 July 2015

Ari Evasio, Director, discusses about what he would like to post on AdForum, his favorite movie... read more

TOPIC: production
Red Carpet 10 July 2015

Orlando Wood, Executive Producer at Biscuit Filmworks, discusses his experiences as a TV producer and the challenges he has encountered... read more

TOPIC: production

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