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Victor Knaap & Wesley Ter Haar

Angela Natividad from Adverve has interviewed Victor Knaap and Wesley Ter Haar, the two big “Monks” on the Majestic Beach.

Victor Knaap and Wesley Ter Haar have co-founded MediaMonks.
Currently CEO, Victor has landed in Amsterdam in 2003 after having visited Europe. Being the only Monk with a driving license, he initially became the one to handle clients and accounts. Today, Victor is the Monk that takes the stage to talk about business and the way digital works. For the last nine years, he directed the company’s growth by sticking to the golden rule: Buy, barter or die.
Wesley is Operations Director . 13 years fighting mediocrity in the trenches of digital development, 11 of which as co-founder of MediaMonks. Former project manager Wesley founded MediaMonks in 2001. His aim: to wage war on a mediocre digital industry. A fan of tight deadlines and a giver of spectacular high-fives, he’s worked tirelessly to grow the company into its current form. 

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