London, United Kingdom

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828 Forest Road
London Greater London E17 4AA
United Kingdom
Phone: (+44) 2036959888

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Founded in: 2007

Employees: 10


828 Forest Road
London Greater London E17 4AA
United Kingdom
Phone: (+44) 2036959888

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About NetPresenta

NetPresenta is a digital marketing studio specialised in search engine optimization (SEO), PPC Advertising and Content Marketing. Our team has almost 12 years of experience in the fields of SEO, Content strategies development & execution and PPC Campaigns Management.

The company has been established in early 2007 and shortly thereafter it has expanded its portfolio with an incredible number of successful digital projects. Their real number today is more than 200. All of them delivered outstanding results on the territories of countries like UK, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, France and many other.

Part of our clients we are proud to serve our services are RazorSocial – top website in social media marketing industry & AgoraPulse – top social media management tools. 


Philosophy & Competitive Advantages


Every digital project of NetPresenta inevitably requires individual focus, approach and special attention from the processes of website planning and design to its full SEO Audit or Optimization, Promotion, Content campaign and PPC Advertising campaigns. We are entirely dedicated to holistic approaches and we use and maange all channels for optimum performance and results.

Our core values are loyalty, propriety, honesty and respect. We strictly observe all professional and ethical standards, i.e. we estimate your current brand position on the digital marketing and we make an objective decision on how to proceed with your project and what are the optimal approaches and practices we can apply. Once our team starts working on your project, you take advantage of clear communication and objectiveness in every aspect of our business relationship.


The mission of NetPresenta is to offer high quality digital marketing services. We aim to achieve stunning final results and successful project completion. Our working policy is customer-focused. We truly believe that there are no universal decisions in the world of digital marketing since every business is unique by its nature and functionality. For this reason, our company develops personal approaches to every digital project. We develop individual marketing strategies in order to secure a strong online presence of your brand.

Our company aims to increase the organic traffic to your website through presentation of quality content and engagement with your target audience. We yearn to produce quality, genuine and unique content that is, actually, the key factor for growing a successful online business.


NetPresenta aims to achieve successful final results and to meet the expectations and requirements of its customers. Our team consists of innovative and practical web developers, creative web designers and talented writers. Our “we know how” results from a great number of tests we conduct every day in order to examine the behavior of search engines in different business niches. Thus, we are rest assured that our digital techniques and methods are properly working and completely successful.

We do not cheat search engines! We do not use unauthorized marketing techniques! NetPresenta observes the regulations of Google Webmaster Guidelines! Our team follows the requirements of search engines in order to make your website reliable source of researches. We aim to increase the organic traffic to your website and turn it into a memorable journey for your potential customers. 

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