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Montreal Quebec

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Founded in: 2016

French Marketing

Montreal Quebec

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About French Marketing


At French Marketing we don't just translate, we are inspired by Integrated Marketing Communications in order to provide the very best French Communication across each marketing Channel. Our French Services include SEO, SEM, Social, Programmatic, Analytics and Custom Training.

At French Marketing we provide Coaching because we are not really consultants in Digital Marketing. It may sound strange to read what we have written in this paragraph but we sincerely do not want to take your money! We want you to learn. We are Coaches.

A Digital Marketing Coach is a professional that will teach you step-by-step how to understand and resolve a Digital Marketing Challenge. 


English, French
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

We don't just translate English to French! French Marketing is a Coaching Service

The easiest way to explain why we work this way is to imagine we are Car Mechanics or Renovating your house. You know the bad feeling you can sometimes get when someone is fixing you Car or your Home and you’re not sure you need a part replaced, the work or tune-up seems unnecessary? Well, you will never get that feeling with us because we show you every step. If we can’t explain it, and if you can’t see it, you don’t need it! We think that makes good Business sense.

Wait, you may be thinking, so does that mean that French Marketing wants me to understand Digital Marketing and eventually never have to ask a consultant how to fix things? Yes. It's as simple as that. A Coach is not just a Trainer and it is not just a Consultant, we are both. We are experts in our field and able to explain Digital so you understand. Our measure of success is when you no longer need us! In fact, our only measure of success is you never need to call us again (except to say Hello!) because you are satisfied with our service and you fully understand Digital Marketing so much so that YOU could actually BE a consultant. 

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