A story of change and the long idea, from Grey EMEA

Herve de Clerck, Ad Forum

From the impressive harbour-side furniture design showroom Paustian, Grey EMEA presented a compelling story of change, open-ness and long ideas. David Patton, CEO, Grey EMEA, hosted the evening, along with colleagues old and new from Denmark, Germany, Amsterdam, Hungary, Sweden, Norway, and London. 

In true design interior style fitting to the location, the consultants made themselves comfortable on a vast array of chairs, chaise longues, sofas, benches and stools - David Wethey, from Agency Assessments in the UK, looked particularly regal on a furry white rug atop a contemporary throne.

David explained the mind-shift at Grey from the big idea to the long idea, which is designed to offer excellence across the full marketing value chain. "Long ideas bring old and new media together", he said, when the tinder - the flame, the spark, the hook - is "so entertaining or useful that people want to get involved. Our role is to create fame and facilitate involvement".

David Wethey, Agency Assessments International

The tinder can be lots of things: a promotion, an event, an ad, a cause, a widget. Or a first, such as the Space Chair Project for Toshiba, which tested the limits of technology by sending a chair into space.

Change and an open attitude , involving no departments, no offices, no ego and no obsession with TV - or digital for that matter - was summarised by a new mantra for offices throughout the region:

Dispense with the tradition

Destroy the production line

Chuck out the ego

Mess with the hierarchy

Mix up the building

Stir up the departments

Broaden the skill set

Jump on the preciousness.
New Business Director, Catherine Davis, did the team proud by organising a superb dinner at restaurant Paustian, by celebrated Danish chef Bo Bech. The wow factor came with dessert in particular, in the form of a pink froth-cloud scented with hibiscus on top of rhubarb and ice cream, followed by an artful white mountain of burnt orange candy floss. Tack!

David Patton (left), President & CEO of Grey Group EMEA

Hazelle Klonhammer, Managing Director of Grey Amsterdam









Catherine Davis, New Business Director, Grey London


Peter Cowie, Founding Partner of The Oystercatchers (London) and Tuuli Kahma, Founder and Managing Director of Breezeway Oy (Finland).





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