Ad of The Day: Taste The Truth by DDB Spain

DDB Spain creates the campaign ‘Taste the Truth’ for the Spanish Olive Oil Interprofessional to promote Spanish Olive Oil in the U.S.


Olive Oils from Spain, the promotional brand for the Spanish Olive Oil Interprofessional, has rolled out a new and groundbreaking promotional campaign for olive oil in the United States, Taste the Truth. This campaign, created by DDB Spain, has been launched so Americans can learn the truth about Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain: that they are worldwide leaders in quality, production and sales.

The campaign begins with a teaser phase whose main piece is “Oliveleaks,” a faux documentary in which a nefarious plot against Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain is uncovered. The objective of this plot has been to keep the United States from knowing an irrefutable fact: the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil is from Spain. The documentary revisits various relevant events in the history of the United States, searching for proof of this curious conspiracy. This is a work of fiction designed to grab the attention and pique the curiosity of the American consumer.

Creative statements from DDB Spain: “To stand out in a market as vast and competitive as the one in the United States is a challenge. From the beginning, it was clear to both Olive Oils from Spain and DDB that we had to do something different and remarkable that would awaken interest in the American public. We aim to attract their attention with something that Americans simply love: conspiracies. Because only a conspiracy can explain how such an extraordinary product is not known and recognized when it clearly deserves to be”.

Taste the Truth continues with a second phase, where the consumer can discover all the reasons why Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain is the best in the world. Here, five messages are underscored showing the quality, sustainability, versatility and health benefits of Spanish Olive Oil. The message is brought home with audiovisual clips featuring testimonies from important North American experts such as cardiologist and Colombia University professor Dr. Mitchell Fishbach, chef Seamus Mullen and international olive oil specialist Nicholas Coleman.

The documentary as well as the truths underlying why Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain is the best are collected on the landing

The campaign is complemented by a PR action coordinated by Omnicom PR Group, and management of the brand’s social channels in the USA is in the hands of PHD. Food Innovation Group and Tasty are involved as partners.

Watch the full version:

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