AdForum’s Friday Roundup: Halloween Ads, David&Goliath, Jeff’s NY Mets, Food!, Best Baseball Ads, and More

by James Thompson

Check out AdForum’s most popular and notable in-house content for the last week of October, one of our favorite months of the year. Have a fun and safe Halloween, and we’ll see you on Monday!

AdForum’s Selection of the Best Halloween Ads!

The advertising industry if full of creative people and Halloween is arguably the most creative holiday of all. So the team at AdForum put together this collection of the Best Halloween Ads for you to enjoy. We hope you have fun whatever you do this weekend, and take some time to express your creative talents by putting together an original costume that would make your creative director proud. 

AdForum Exclusive: 5 Questions for David&Goliath's David Angelo on the New Kia Campaign Featuring NBA Star Blake Griffin

AdForum was fortunate enough to once again catch up with David&Goliath founder and chairman David Angelo to delve into the creative process behind one of the agency’s newest ad campaigns.

AdForum: The creative philosophy at David&Goliath is built around a core concept: Brave. This formidable idea informs every nuance of David& Goliath’s brand, from a general attitude toward approaching professional challenges to the personal goals of D&G employees. How did “Brave” influence the creative thought behind the Kia campaign? Read the full interview at AdForum.

AdForum’s Jeff Finkle Goes Back to 1986 to Analyze Supremely ‘80s New York Mets Ad

Today AdForum's resident Mets fan and baseball guru, Jeff Finkle, breaks down the classic "Let's Go Mets" ad from 1986, the last year the New York Mets won the World Series...With the World Series under way between the New York Mets and the Kansas City Royals, two teams that haven’t been to the World Series since 1985 and 1986, what better time than any to revisit the “totally awesome” and incredibly catchy 1986 Let’s Go Mets video. Read the full story at AdForum.

Top 5 Food Ads: Love Moments, Chocolate Game, Saddam Sandwiches, Dirty Chefs and More

Food! If you love food, you’ll love AdForum’s carefully selected Top 5 Food Ads. From love stories that involve gum wrappers to Saddam Hussein selling sandwiches, don’t miss these incredibly creative and sometimes emotionally moving food ads. 

World Series Special: Best Baseball Ads

It's MLB World Series time! Check out AdForum's collection of the Best Baseball Ads! Are you a New York Mets Fan? Or are you a Kansas City Royals fan? Either way, all MLB fans will appreciate the most compelling baseball ads from the past year.

Agency of the Week:

David&Goliath: David&Goliath is committed to helping brands overcome their Goliaths and achieve greatness. We do this by being more observant, innovative, nimble, and brave. Being more observant helps us identify consumer behaviors and motivations in ways that are often overlooked by others. That makes our strategies and our creative ideas more compelling and innovative. In this rapidly changing marketplace, being more nimble means having 360-degree in-house resources that allow us to create, adapt, and move at a pace that other agencies can’t match.

Happy weekend everyone! We made it! So enjoy this totally hilarious Giphy ad below: 

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