Award-winning directors Russell Bates and Patrik Bergh join 76 Ltd

by Maud Largeaud , AdForum

76 Ltd has signed the award-winning Russell Bates and Patrik Bergh to its portfolio of directors.

Russell Bates, renowned for his skill at comedy, was behind the award-winning Snickers “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign starring Joan Collins, as well as commercials for the Oscars, Axe,Bet Victor, L’Oreal, Sony, and Head & Shoulders.

Bates has carved his place in pop culture by co-creating and naming the comedy character Derek Zoolander. He directed the short film ‘Derek Zoolander, Male Model’ starring Ben Stiller for the VH1 Fashion Awards that led to the feature film Zoolander.
Bates has also directed comedic shorts for the MTV Movie Awards, Comedy Central, and the People’s Choice Awards. He was previously signed to Madam.
Patrik Bergh joins 76 Ltd from B-Reel London, where he shot commercials for major brands such as Argos and Google. He also spent a decade as a commercials director with Partizan. Throughout his career, Bergh has directed high profile campaigns for the likes of Axe, Ford, Dulux, Honda, Nissan, Sainsbury’s, VW, and the BBC.
He won the 2002 Film Four/Orange Film Competition with his short film Véronique. Other notable work includes his road movie Exit, and a recent series of six-minute shorts for Google.

Mark Murrell, 76 Ltd Executive Producer, said: “Russell’s work came to my attention a few years ago and I’ve always admired his great casting and performance direction. Coupled with his eye for detail and in-depth knowledge of post production make him a perfect fit for us at 76. We’re all thrilled to have him on board and look forward to creating some more standout campaigns.
“Meanwhile, Patrik and I go way back to when I produced both Véronique and Exit. Since then I’ve kept track of Patrik’s career and hoped we could get to film together again as we worked in a very collaborative way. You only need to look at Patrik’s reel to see his strength with performance and narrative storytelling. Having trained as an actor, Patrik gets seriously involved with his cast to get the best possible performances which I think shines out from all his work. We are very excited to be able to work with Patrik over the next chapter of his career.”

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