Birdseye Fish Fingers Make Your Tail Wag

Havas London puts the swing in one enthusiast’s step as he rushes home for his supper 

Launched over the weekend, a new above-the-line campaign from Havas London captures the excitement of a Birdseye dinner through the eyes of a small boy, as he rushes back to his kitchen from school.

Beginning at his classroom desk, to his final arrival at the dinner table, our fish finger fanatic hurriedly takes us on a stunning journey through fields of peas, past Captain Birdseye and his boat, across countryside, mountains and beaches as he wags his way to stomach satisfaction.

The TVC is just one part of an over-arching campaign from Birdseye, who after over a decade away from the nation’s screens, are bringing back Captain Birdseye in a nod to the brand’s heritage. The captain, an instantly recognisable character to the UK market has been helping British parents provide their children with a fish supper since the 1960s. His presence in the new commercial reiterates the brand’s heritage and their universal trustfulness, whilst the character of Sam, our ‘Boy with a Tail’ brings an entertaining and engaging story to the simple excitement of a favourite childhood meal.

Shot by Outsider’s award-winning director Jim Gilchrist, the 60” spot will be released as part of an 360 campaign around the resurrection of Captain Birdseye and the re-launch of 57 core products, including Fish Fingers and Garden Peas; both make an appearance upon the dinner plate of our ‘Boy with a Tail’. The campaign extends across TV, cinema, digital, outdoor, PR and instore comms and it goes live on Friday 8th April.

Steve Chantry, Birdseye Marketing Director, said “2016 is set to be a really exciting year for Birdseye and we’re looking forward to taking our brand in a fresh direction with the new campaign. We know that our consumers remember our products from their childhood with fondness and we believe that the new ad will not only reignite their latent love for the brand, but also reassure them that Birdseye is committed to quality and is a cut-above other brands”.

Havas London’s ECD, Ben Mooge said “For years, Sam, the boy in the commercial had been picked on because of his tail. We're glad that Birdseye could help with his successful rehabilitation. There's a lesson for us all here.” 

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