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by James Thompson

Enjoy AdForum’s daily roundup of the latest news, trends, and notable work in the advertising industry.

Ad Age Offers 6 Strategies for Agencies to Keep Relationships with Clients

“In many cases, an incumbent agency does have the strategic thinking, creative chops and capabilities that a client wants and needs. But if the client is hearing about these for seemingly the first time in a review, it's often too late. The account may still move elsewhere, particularly if the relationship has become strained and issues seem irreparable.” Read the full story by columnist Meghan McDonnell at Ad Age.

Advertising Hollywood: Are Movie Trailers Ruining Movies by Revealing Too Much?

Author "Alifethroughwriting" thinks so. “A great trailer is one that has just the right mix of ambiguity, tone, acting, music and editing, leaving us with plenty to look forward to and very little to no knowledge of the actual plot/what’s happening in the movie.” Read more at AllDayEveryWeek

How Your Age Determines What You Share on Social Media

“Nearly everyone and their mother is on social media. Literally. But, thankfully, that's where the similarity ends. When it comes to sharing across social media, the generational divide is stark. Accenture Interactive's Acquity Group's 2015 Next Generation of Commerce Study took a deep look into social habits across demographics.” Visit Adweek for more informtation. 

Breaking Down the Art and Atrocity of the Continuing Ad-Blocking Technology Saga

“Display ads on websites have only grown more aggressive in the last two years, taking up ever-expanding amounts of space, bandwidth, and attention. Interstitials that load as a separate page—or pop-ups, which load over the content and require a click to dismiss—are more popular than ever, especially on mobile; video ads that play automatically, too often with audio, have creeped onto more and more pages, which are themselves so engorged by the number and weight of ads that they take forever to load.” Read the full story at The Awl

Job of the Day: Account Director with Ogilvy & Mather in Atlanta

The Account Director, Consumer & Corporate, will be instrumental in developing and managing client programs, media and client relations. The Account Director will serve as key liaison among clients, account teams and agency management. Eager to further develop their understanding of the PR industry as it continues to evolve; learn/grow to become an agency leader. Be willing and eager to accept new assignments or projects when available. Has depth and diversity of account experience that informs public relations counsel with particular emphasis within consumer marketing and corporate/BtoB communications. For more details visit Ogivly & Mather

Instagram Photos Devolving from Hip Art to Hackneyed Photos

“Instagram ads have lost some of that gloss and glamour. It was bound to happen, considering almost anyone can buy an ad there now, but in some cases the change has been dramatic. A recent Walmart campaign featured a photo of nacho dip that might have been more fitting as a coupon in a newspaper, not Instagram’s stylish feed. There also have been plenty of app-install ads that look like every other one found throughout the mobile Web — promotions for games, dating apps and virtual gambling.” Read more at Digiday

MEC Sponsors Two Sessions at Advertising Week in New York City

“What’s the Business Case for Well-being in the Workplace?”

A focus on mindfulness and well-being in the workplace is becoming integral to employee engagement and thriving organizational cultures. Our employees expect more than just the “usual benefits” as they look for ways to recharge both body and mind. How are companies adopting these practices to drive true engagement while increasing productivity? Hear from influential business leaders & experts as they explore the latest trends and opportunities involving awareness and its innovative impact on business today. More.

"Thriving in a Time of Disruption"

The convergence of digital media and technology have transformed the advertising and communications landscape in ways we could have never predicted. Industries such as entertainment, publishing, travel, & retail have been forced to quickly evolve and adapt to keep pace with consumer expectations. Hear from companies that have survived modern day disruption and are thriving like never before, leveraging digital tools and engagement strategies to deliver for their consumers, employees and the enterprise. More.

Agency of the Week

Ogilvy & Mather: “We sell. Or else.”

These words of David Ogilvy sound simple, but are deeply meaningful to us. David began the agency in 1948 and built Ogilvy & Mather into one of the most legendary branding companies in the world. Underpinning this is the philosophy of “divine discontent” — the simple belief that in order to be creative one must be permanently dissatisfied and always seeking to be better than good. Learn more about Ogilvy & Mather by visiting their AdForum profile

Because it is Tuesday, check out this Toyota Scion ad (below) by Droga5 featuring Wax Museum Urkel. Yes, Wax Museum Urkel.

(Bloody Mary photo courtesy of Anthony. Thank you! It looks delicious!) 

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