Ad of The Day: Budweiser & ACE Content Introduce "Kings of Beer"

With the steady rise of microbreweries and experimental IPAs, Budweiser probably isn’t top of mind for beer-nerds. ACE Content is looking to change that with a new feature length documentary, “Kings of Beer.” 


The idea was born from a conversation with Budweiser’s Chief Global Brewmaster about the difficulty of brewing American lagers, maintaining quality, and how the simplicity of the recipe leaves no room for imperfections. They even claim that the American lager is the most difficult beer to brew, an expert reinforces this in the film stating “You can bury the taste of a dead cat in an IPA, but any mistake rises to the top of an American Lager.” 


ACE gives viewers a peak behind the curtains and a seat in the tasting room as brewmasters from 65 breweries, across 23 countries compete over 12 months to see who can make best, and most consistent beer. The competition itself, is a long-standing tradition within the company that is taken very seriously within the company. The documentary gives the first ever look at the rigorous standards every batch of Budweiser is held to and the people who dedicate their lives to the craft of brewing. 


It offers an opportunity for longtime fans to gain a deeper appreciation for it, and a chance to change the perception of mass market beer in a time of declining sales and increased competition from smaller craft breweries. It can also allow Budweiser to capitalize on the growing interest in homebrewing, in fact the reigning champ’s home brewer boyfriend is also in the film taking a shot at brewing an American Lager. 

The documentary also dives into the culture at Budweiser and the relationship between the breweries across the globe. Highlighting the camaraderie amongst the competitors, all masters of their craft, all perfectionists, and all aiming to be recognized as the best. It humanizes one of the largest beer brands in the world through the passion of those making it. “Kings of Beer is a special film, not only because of Budweiser’s role in America’s brewing history, but because for the first time we are able to offer audiences a seat in our tasting room for a firsthand look at our very personal and competitive process” Budweiser’s Chief Global Brewmaster stated in the announcement of the film. 


The film premiered last week in Los Angeles, and is currently available on demand and in select theaters.



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