BUNTIN launches positive and heartwarming national campaign for Perkins Restaurant & Bakery


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BUNTIN, the agency of record for Perkins Restaurant & Bakery, has launched a new national brand campaign for the iconic restaurant called “It’s Baked Into Everything We Do.” This uplifting and heartwarming work is the culmination of an extensive effort including new audience segmentation, new brand positioning, and identifying the wholesomeness that calls people back to the restaurant’s table time and time again.

Featuring a diverse and modern cast, and authentic scenes of family, friends and co-workers enjoying time together in Perkins restaurants, the campaign speaks to the genuine moments of connection that so many people are craving right now.

“For nearly 65 years, Perkins has served up craveable experiences that keep our guests coming back to our table,” said Joe Artime, Chief Marketing Officer for Perkins Restaurant & Bakery. “Our commitment to quality service and food is so deeply ingrained in our company culture, it truly is baked into who we are and everything we do."

Shot with Jorn Haagen at Assembly Films, and scored with an original track by Papamusic, the spots capture those special, often fleeting moments of connection that sometimes only happen when we’re sharing a meal with someone else. A massive casting of real people was involved in finding this charismatic and diverse mix of talent that reflects contemporary Perkins customers— including a real Little League baseball team, real families, and real veterans.

“In our fast-paced world where photos of our food are often perceived as more important than the experience of enjoying our food – and who we’re enjoying our food with – the way Perkins is dedicated to the values of care, community and connection is extremely refreshing.” said Aron Cleary, Executive Creative Director at BUNTIN. “The aim for all of us was to capture that intangible feeling of warmth, wholesomeness and feeling welcome that so many people talk about when they talk about Perkins. It’s a rarity these days, and something that we feel should be cherished and protected.”

The new campaign launched on linear and OTT television, and will also be featured across social, other digital media, outdoor and print platforms. 

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