Cactus Unveils First Work for New Client North Carolina Education Lottery


Colorado, United States
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Life inside the North Carolina Lottery Winners Club is getting pretty crowded, and the fact that their latest scratch-off games are packed with prizes is only creating more winners. That’s the premise behind agency Cactus’ first campaign for North Carolina Education Lottery (NCEL), entitled “Winners Club,” since becoming the lottery’s agency-of-record account earlier this year. The first TV spot, “Pizza Party,” in the campaign is now airing regionally. The latest spot, “Jackpot Scratch,” which hilariously shows how North Carolina Lottery scratch off games can help a struggling marriage, just started airing broke.

The concept behind the Winners Club campaugn, which was part of Cactus’ pitch, is the concept of this not-so-exclusive, fictional club that all North Carolina Lottery scratch-off winners can join. The club itself is pretty magical, where even the laws of physics don’t always apply. Case in point: the end of “Pizza Party” where a tiny chihuahua named Andy steals a huge slice of pepperoni pizza without anyone noticing. That is until he’s running from the room with it dangling from his chihuahua-sized mouth.

“Pitch work almost never gets produced,” Shea Tullos, Cactus Group Creative Director says, “and for the North Carolina Education Lottery to partner with Cactus to bring the Winners Club to life in this way was a tremendous honor.”

Adds Susan Singley, Director of Advertising for the North Carolina Education Lottery, “Cactus brought their strategy to life in the Winners Club campaign. Through this campaign, we’ve created a fictional world that our scratch-off winners can quickly imagine themselves being part of. The Winners Club has the potential to be a campaign we continue for years to come.” 

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