Charting ASEAN's Future: Yell Advertising and Bailey|Capel Indonesia Collaborate for Unstoppable Expansion

The innovative collaboration aims to catalyze both agencies’ expansion into the burgeoning ASEAN market

Yell Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand
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Recently, Yell Advertising, the First Thai Network Agency, announced a collaboration with Monster Interactive Malaysia. Now, Yell continues to expand and is excited to announce a strategic collaboration with Bailey|Capel, a professional creative agency based in Indonesia. This innovative collaboration aims to catalyze both agencies’ expansion into the burgeoning ASEAN market, bringing cutting-edge creativity and unrivaled advertising expertise to clients throughout the region.

The ASEAN market has emerged as an exciting destination for companies looking to connect with a diverse and vibrant consumer base. Yell Advertising's track record of producing impactful and memorable campaigns aligns perfectly with Bailey|Capel's fresh, innovative take on digital creativity. They are poised to revolutionize the advertising landscape, establishing new standards of excellence throughout the region.

"At Yell Advertising, our motto is "we are getting things done, Effectively Creative" and this collaboration exemplifies that spirit," said Peeradon Gabriel, Founder and Regional Managing Director of Yell International, "Bailey|Capel’s deep understanding of the local market, combined with our global expertise, will enable us to offer comprehensive solutions that resonate deeply and effectively with audiences."

The reputation of John Bailey and Brian Capel for pushing creative boundaries has earned them a prominent position in the Indonesian advertising scene. They intend to leverage their local insights and expertise while tapping into Yell’s regional network and resources by partnering with Yell Advertising.

"We are thrilled about this strategic collaboration with Yell Bangkok. Not only does this partnership strengthen our client portfolio, but it also significantly broadens our offerings, seamlessly merging creativity with technology-driven solutions for our clients. With a distinct focus on digital media planning and buying, we believe this alliance will greatly enhance our creative initiatives. Moreover, having direct access to the exceptional talent pool of creatives and designers to complement our local team ensures that we remain at the pinnacle of innovation, consistently delivering unparalleled value and groundbreaking solutions to our clients." - said John and Brian, Managing Partners of Bailey|Capel

This collaboration demonstrates Yell Advertising's dedication to staying ahead of industry trends and providing unparalleled value to its clients. Yell has expanded the opportunity to reach the Indonesian market, which has over 270 million people. 

As both agencies combine their talents and resources, they are poised to launch groundbreaking campaigns that will resonate with consumers across cultures and perspectives.


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