Cheers to AI: A Brand New Drinking Culture Shaped by Voice Recognition

We all have been told to drink responsibly, but what about drinking emotionally?

First, you listen to yourself, then you choose a drink responding to your vibes and decide whether you need any company or not.  We do this kind of ritual every time we see drinking as a way of defining what we are up to and what kind of alcohol can actually provide us with the current self-image. Seems like it’s not only the type of your drink and its alcohol by volume do matter.

But what if you shift the focus and let the drink define your mood? Or you’re simply looking for a way of escaping friend zone letting alone Valentine’s Day postcards and teddy bears? In any case, you can fully rely on the technology itself and this is when we should take more things into account.

Emotion recognition apps using facial expression is no news for video games lovers, but there is hardly anyone used it as a means of creating a new customer experience. That’s why Armenian brandy company ARARAT which is owned by Pernod Ricard decided to create an app with an emotion recognition technology.


The core of the technology lies in the special neural network not only recognizing your speech but also assessing your emotions while you’re talking. The network is self-taught so in other words, it is getting better at recognizing emotions every time you use an app.

But let's get back to drinks. Specifically, to brandy. When it comes to drinking people didn't come up with anything better than glasses of various shapes. In fact, many etiquette rules were built on their differences. And here are the reasons why the next time you drink brandy you're going to try the new app.

Firstly, you will be offered to choose your own drinking situation. Drinking brandy usually boosts the intensity of special moments we share with the close ones as well as when we enjoy music on our own. Based on that the application will find a 3D-hologram satisfying your personal vibes at the moment. For example, even if you’re far from being good at flirting, make sure your vibes will be caught by the module.  Secondly, you won't be able to see the hologram until you place the specially designed brandy glass on your device. And this glass is truly unique: each facet, each edge was carefully calculated by the professionals to let the magic happen.

It has all started with disruption. As most people are completely confused about meanings and assumptions, it's quite hard to find a suitable drink for special moments that reveal feelings - they just all feel the same. ARARAT’s ‘Heart to Heart’ campaign created by NEF\TBWA is to draw more attention to the way we enjoy brandy rather than explaining the choice of a drink.

In the end, now it's clear that choosing a drink is no more an issue. Indeed, while deciding on some particular drink you define your emotional experience. Do not hide your feelings and drink brandy like never before.


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