Up & Coming Talent Selected For This Week's "Shoot" New Director Showcase in NY 
Community Films has signed Director Marius Crowne to the company’s diverse roster of talent. Crowne join...

by Marie-Caroline Dubourdieu , Lipe

Up & Coming Talent Selected For This Week's "Shoot" New Director Showcase in NY 

Community Films has signed Director Marius Crowne to the company’s diverse roster of talent. Crowne joins Community in the midst of being selected for the prestigious “New Director Showcase” by “Shoot Magazine.” The Director will be featured in a panel discussion at the DGA in New York this Thursday, May 26th.

To view Director Marius Crowne’s reel at Community Films, go here:

“Community seems to be one of the only production companies out there that has a stable of Directors that are all doing something different,” says Crowne. “Each one of us has a clear, distinct vision, and I love the idea that when I get put up for a job, it’s because I’m the best person for the job -- that my style was right for the client -- rather than just being a face in a crowd of very similar looking faces.”

Crowne joins a roster of directorial talent at Community Films, which includes Directors Seth Gordon, Jared Hess, Michael Patrick Jann, Matt Smukler, Pam Thomas, Clay Tweel, Clay Williams, and Emil Möller.

“We are so excited to have found Marius and to have him join our team of Directors here at Community,” explains Executive Producer/Partner Lizzie Schwartz. “He is an extremely talented and creative storyteller, with a wide breadth of experience even though he is really a newcomer.”

“After submitting his reel to ‘Shoot Magazine’ for the New Director Showcase, we were thrilled to hear from the Editors that they agreed Marius’ talent is unique and innovative, and worthy of being part of the showcase this year,” adds Community Executive Producer Carl Swan.

Director Marius Crowne/Bio:
Raised in the Appalachian steel town of Ashland, KY, Marius earned a bachelor’s degree in Russian Literature at The University of Kentucky before moving on to studying film at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). After moving to New York, he landed his first job as a Copywriter at an ad agency and spent some time in Paris collaborating with English photographer Katerina Jebb on a video installation starring the likes of Tilda Swinton, Kylie Minogue, and Kristin Scott Thomas. Since then, Marius has directed content for ACNE, BLK DNM, L.L. Bean, Glade, and Harper Collins. He has directed PSAs for The United Nations High Council for Refugees, The Union of Concerned Scientists, Michael Bloomberg’s gun control initiative “Everytown,” and The Syria Campaign (the latter two earned him death threats). His PSA “The Encyclical” -- a parody action movie trailer about Pope Francis and Jesus fighting climate change -- miraculously did not result in death threats, but international acclaim. It was covered in news outlets from “NBC Nightly News” to “People Magazine” to “The Guardian.” Eric Holthaus from “Slate” called it “probably the best video I’ve ever seen, on any topic, of any length (and yes, that includes ‘Game of Thrones’),” while a less complimentary Mark Ruffalo simply stated that it was “awesome.” He is currently in development on his first feature film, “Potter’s Field,” which he also co-authored. 

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