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All benefits will go to the association APSURIA dedicated to caring people with severe brain injuries.

The campaign starring dog "Pippin" and created by Contrapunto for Spanish TV (TVE) in 1989 gave the greatest joy that can be given to an advertising agency: get a Grand Prix at Cannes Lions, the largest advertising festival in the world.

Contrapunto BBDO now believes that time has come to "rid" of this historic statue because they have found a good cause. The object itself has a value that goes beyond price because it has a sentimental value to the agency, and the historical value it has for the advertising world surpasses any figure. The trophy has come to auction today (12/12/12) on the online shopping portal eBay with a starting price of $ 0.01 and will be the bidders who will decide its final value.

"When Apsuria Nuria told us their project moved us and think about how to give the best we have in favor of their cause. The agency's management team decided that the best of Contrapunto BBDO is represented in the Grand Prix at Cannes that symbolizes the creative vision of our agency, " said Carlos Martinez Cabrera, President at Contrapunto BBDO.

Unreduced benefit obtained from the auction of the award will go to APSURIA, a nonprofit association, composed of parents and guardians of disabled children and youth with serious brain injuries without financial means who receive treatment at the Virgen de Nuria Center. The crisis decreased many of the donations they received from both companies and.


They say dog is man's best friend but this time is further justified. The trophy achieved, thanks in part to this pet, can get Apsuria association to continue to help many more people.

If achieving the award was something historic in advertising world, the spot's message was no less a milestone as well: “learn to use TV”. The ad's message was clear: it was not desirable that children spend so much time watching television. But the curious thing is aboyt the ad was the ones who said that were the proper TV channel, Televisión Española, which promoted the sharing time with friends and reasonibly watch TV. Pippin's character gave even more emotion to the message.

The scripts of the winning ads "Scooter" and "Suitcase" were created in Contrapunto by Toni Segarra, Maribel Muñoz, José María Lapeña and Juan Mariano Mancebo, the art direction was Melchor Palacios’s; producer, Luis Felipe Moreno, Account Director Mae Blanco and Director, John Perkins, along with the rest of the agency team.


The Association is working since 1978. "It was founded by my parents, both worked at the hospital in La Paz, with children with cerebral palsy. The desire to do more (you can always do more!) And help out the families of those children, led to the "Virgen de Nuria Center", Apsuria’s origin. Since then, our life is linked to Apsuria like a son to his parents. It is our purpose and the reason to get up every morning ... Over the years, we have been surviving, overcoming obstacles we could find along almost half my life, but now, the crisis is failing us, many of the income we had, small contributions from partners and aid companies have disappeared and we no longer know what to do ... "says Nuria Lopez, daughter of the couple and head of Apsuria Special Education Center.

In addition to the auction on eBay, you can collaborate with the association by two ways:

- With a donation to the account:

Bank account for contributions: 2100 2127 17 0200334208

Currency: euros (€)

IBAN: ES10 2100 2127 1702 0033 4208


Apsuria Association - C / Anabel Segura, 12

28108 Alcobendas – Madrid (Spain)

- Partner with a periodic input Protector (no minimum fee)

All information about the association can be found at:

All with Apsuria! Let’s bid on a collectible, leaving the advertising industry solidarity with a very high bar and a the same time we will help many people in need and put a smile on the faces of all the people who are fighting for the Association to proceed.

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