Daily Forum: Advertising Week, Brand Germany, Emojis Everywhere, Executive Diversity Fail, Chris Rock vs. Redskins & More

by James Thompson

Enjoy AdForum’s daily roundup of the latest news, trends, and notable work in the advertising industry.

Advertising Industry Gears Up for NYC Advertising Week

Chingy will be there. So will Sir Martin Sorrell. And Seth Godin. Basically everyone who is anyone and then some will be at NYC Advertising Week, which officially begins this Monday, September 28. Do you know which panels and discussions you’re going to attend? If not, check out the schedule for the week-long event, and learn what’s happening in everything from cause marketing to the latest trends in storytelling. We’ll be there, too, of course. So if you see any of our intrepid reporters please say hello. We’ll be interviewing speakers, attendees and everyone in between for their thoughts, insights and impressions about the event and the latest developments in advertising. 

Volkswagen Scandal Threatens Perception of German Engineering

Everyone in advertising knows that perception is reality. And, sadly for brand Germany, the recent deplorable and inexplicable Volkswagen scandal has tarnished the nation’s centuries-old reputation for offering the highest quality engineering and automotive products. Read the full story at The Washington Post

Cindy Gallop on How Top-Level White Men Stifle Creativity in Advertising

“The ad industry suffers from a lack of diversity in its people, while people are finding less value in marketing messages. Cindy Gallop, the former chair of BBH and now an entrepreneur and consultant, says on the Digiday Podcast that the problem lies with agency leaders who have no interest in changing how things are done.” Read the full article at Digiday.

Advertising Creatives Use Talents to Help Refugees

“For advertising folks looking for a way to be part of something bigger than themselves, this inspiring story might just do the trick. Six creatives from different parts of the world joined forces to launch I Am Not a Refugee, a site designed to help refugees find work appropriate to their skills. It does so in a way that pays tribute to their training—by using storytelling and design to reposition them as writers, engineers, artists, doctors and other roles they held back home.” Read more at Adweek. 

Burger King Unleashes Scary Black Bun for Halloween 

More details at Ad Age

Job of the Day: Graphic Designer at 97th Floor in Lehi, Utah

As a graphic designer you will be working with a wide range of clients on a variety of projects from infographics to responsive interactive websites. You will be expected to take ownership of your work and see it through to the end while working with a team to ensure the best quality possible. For more details visit 97th Floor.

Say What? Ad Agency Professionals Express Their Workdays Using Emojis

“It’s fairly common to get emails lined with emoji characters these days. Text messages and social media feeds are increasingly full of them. Since emojis are the new lingua franca, we asked some ad creatives, strategists and account managers to describe a day in their lives using emojis.” More at Digiday

Chris Rock Calls Out Washington Redskins for Being Racist

We’ve all seen how this works. The passing of time has a way of revealing horrible cultural flaws in our society and personal viewpoints, especially when it comes to racism. Yet there will always be the stalwarts, those who resist change because embracing it stirs emotions of deep shame and encroaching irrelevance in an advancing world. For The Washington Redskins, that time has come, and if there is one requirement in a comedian’s job description, it is to do exactly what Chris Rock just did: call it for what it is. And if there is a second requirement in a comedian's job description, it's to call himself out for using "there" instead of "their"—which he did. All good. Read more at The Washington Post.  

Agency of the Week

Critical Mass is a global experience design agency with a relentless focus on the customer. We’ve been doing digital for nearly two decades, but we still meet every challenge head on, with the same tenacity as we have since day one.

Today we’re 750 people in 10 offices on 3 continents.

We’re thinkers. Tinkerers. Makers. Do’ers. We speak a dozen different languages and are inspired by a million different things. But no matter our discipline or where we are in the world, we’re united by a common excitement for digital that’s absolute and contagious. Learn more about the creative culture and folks at Critical Mass in their AdForum profile

Because today is Friday, check out these exploding pigeons. 

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