Daily Forum: Car Ads, Chicken Tweets, Critical PepsiCo, Powerful Un-ads, Las Vegas Life Lessons, Tom Brady and More

by James Thompson

Enjoy AdForum’s daily roundup of the latest news, trends, and notable work in the advertising industry.

PepsiCo Executive Offers Criticisms of Advertising and Agencies

Brad Jakeman, PepsiCo Executive, claims that ad agency models lack of diversity are breaking the industry, and that the term “advertising” and the phrase “digital marketing” hold no value and should be eradicated from the lexicon. For more information, visit Ad Age.

Copyranter Mark Duffy Breaks Down the Power of Un-ads

“Brands? Millennials and centennials are not buying your old-school ‘hard sell’ advertising. They do their own research and product comparisons, so just back right off with your specious USPs and your negative competitive campaigns. Maybe then, you’re thinking, I should give soft-selling native advertising a shot? Well,brand recall is nearly nonexistent, and nobody has a clue whether it works or not.” Read the full analysis at Digiday. 

Berlin fashion Film Festival 2016 Open for Entries

Berlin fashion Film Festival is opening submissions for its 5th edition. To celebrate the rise of fashion film, the film festival focused on branded content is challenging the notion of fashion film and accepting films aimed at the lifestyle and beauty industries. Filmmakers, advertising agencies, production and post-production companies, designers and brands are invited to submit work with a strong emphasis on style, including film productions made for the travel, hotel, food, drink and automobile industries. Films can be submitted through the Berlin fashion Film Festival website

Australian Chicken Wins Twitter One Peck at a Time

“How many words would a chicken tweet if a chicken could tweet words? In the case of Betty, a chicken from Perth, the answer so far has been two. Or none, if you’re asking the Guinness World Record judges. In the eclectic mix of a corporate ad campaign and a bid for the record books, the Australian fast food franchise Chicken Treat — surprise, it specializes in barbecue chicken — has given Betty unfettered access to their company Twitter account and vows to allow her free reign of the keyboard until she successfully types a five-letter word.” Read more at The Washington Post.

Life Lessons from the London International Awards Judging in Las Vegas

“The final lesson from the week was one that occurred a taxi ride away from where the judging was taking place, at the Neon Museum. An old boneyard full of retired signs from Vegas casinos, launderettes and motels of yesteryear, the museum is also a must see for advertising nerds. After all, the bright lights of Sin City tell a flashy and rather quirky history of out of home advertising, no?” Read the full story at Little Black Book

AdForum Tribune: Mark Tungate Breaks Down the Technology Revolutionizing Car Ads

“Technology is replacing performance as the central sales pitch of car advertising. Car ads have tended to focus on the driver experience, whether the person (usually a man) behind the wheel is negotiating a hazardous urban environment or speeding joyfully down a winding road. But cars themselves are changing. Vehicles are connected. They park themselves. Pretty soon they will drive themselves. The emotions stirred by driving are becoming less relevant.” Read more at AdForum.

Sell Out: McSweeney's Enters the Corporate World of Brand Copywriting

“For more than 15 years, McSweeney’s has been an oddball in the world of Internet publishing, drawing the literary types to its website and journals. It is the anti-Business Insider: McSweeney’s embraced being a nonprofit last year. Yet McSweeney’s is also working with marketers, including Converse, Warby Parker and Airbnb. Unlike most publishers, McSweeney’s doesn’t have a big audience to offer. Instead, it offers something perhaps as valuable: the wry sensibility of its cadre of writers.” Read more at Digiday. 

Job of the Day: Manager, Visual Design at Mindshare in New York City

Mindshare is a leading media agency in the US with over 50 innovative brands on our roster, with brand names like AMEX, LG, Royal Caribbean and Unilever. Our Marketing Sciences group has created a brand new role that will allow us to create better understanding of data through cool visuals. We want to make data and analytics look sweet through infographics, data visualization, motion infographics, and interactive graphics. Mindshare Marketing Sciences is a 70+ strong team, with big clients and an even bigger vision. We’re looking for an All-Star infographic designer to hustle and help us achieve our goals. We like to work hard and are committed to excellence that make our clients and internal stakeholders say WOW. More details at Mindshare

Celebrity Anti-Endorsement: Tom Brady Calls Sugary Cereals and Carbonated Drinks “Poison”

“Tom Brady has called out both Coca-Cola and Frosted Flakes in a rant against junk food. During a weekly sit down with local Massachusetts radio stationWEEI, Brady criticized the brands, saying that they’re only loved because we’re told we should love them through marketing.” Read the full story at TIME

Agency of the Week

Mullen Lowe Group: We’re a different kind of company - a global boutique network of distinctive diverse agencies, rich in local culture with both intimacy and scale, present in more than 65 markets with over 90 agencies. At Mullen Lowe Group - we work to get our clients an unfair share of attention, by always thinking like a challenger and through our hyper bundled approach - smashing together scrums of our best talent from every discipline and from all over the world.

Because today is Friday, go Back to the Future in this Toyota ad (below) by Droga5. 

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