Daily Forum: David&Goliath’s Kia Campaign, Underappreciated Copywriters, Pink Oversaturation, Scary Agency People, 97th Floor Job and More

by James Thompson

Enjoy AdForum’s daily roundup of the latest news, trends, and notable work in the advertising industry.

AdForum Exclusive: 5 Questions for David&Goliath's David Angelo on the New Kia Campaign Featuring NBA Star Blake Griffin

AdForum was fortunate enough to once again catch up with David&Goliath founder and chairman David Angelo to delve into the creative process behind one of the agency’s newest ad campaigns.

AdForum: The creative philosophy at David&Goliath is built around a core concept: Brave. This formidable idea informs every nuance of David& Goliath’s brand, from a general attitude toward approaching professional challenges to the personal goals of D&G employees. How did “Brave” influence the creative thought behind the Kia campaign?... Read the full interview at AdForum.

FCB Inferno's Maria Kivimaa Identifies the Scariest People (Sorry, Unpaid Interns) at Ad Agencies

(Image via MattysFlicks)

You’ve met them. You’ve worked with them. You know them. You may even be one of them… An advertising agency can be a frightening place. A heady mix of personalities, skills, traits and quirks collide and, while it’s mostly amicable, things can get scary. More at LittleBlackBook. 

Job of the Day: Digital Marketer at 97th Floor in Lehi, Utah

This is an entry level position. As a Digital Marketer, you are responsible for helping the Lead Digital Marketer create a strategy for all of your team's clients and fulfill the execution. We have a writing team, design team, programming team and video production team so you won't be responsible for creating any content. Ideas for content and promotion of the content is executed by you and your team. There will be a lot of outreach and developing relationships with sites and individual influencers. Another big part of your role is handling on-page optimization for your client's websites and social media accounts. For more details visit 97th Floor. 

Breast Cancer October Pink Ad Campaigns Face Oversaturation Backlash 

“Pinkwashing, as some breast cancer activists call it, has become an October rite, to “raise awareness” of breast cancer during what has for years been called National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Those who promote the pink campaigns say they raise millions of dollars to fight the disease. ‘When I see Delta flight attendants dressed in pink, I thank them,’ said Daniela Campari, senior vice president for marketing at the American Cancer Society. But many women with breast cancer hate the spectacle. ‘I call it the puke campaign,’ said Marlene McCarthy, the director of the Rhode Island Breast Cancer Coalition, who has metastatic breast cancer.” Read the full story at The New York Times

Copyranter: Dear Ad Execs Who Think Quality Content Comes from “Anywhere”

(Image via madstreetz.)

“Copywriters are still both the most insecure and the most important agency employees. That’s because, despite this new ‘ideas can come from anywhere’ hooey parroted by various vice presidents of strategy and ‘content’ and especially Digital Whatnots, all the good ideas still come from copywriters.” More at Digiday.

Agency of the Week

David&Goliath: David&Goliath is committed to helping brands overcome their Goliaths and achieve greatness. We do this by being more observant, innovative, nimble, and brave. Being more observant helps us identify consumer behaviors and motivations in ways that are often overlooked by others. That makes our strategies and our creative ideas more compelling and innovative. In this rapidly changing marketplace, being more nimble means having 360-degree in-house resources that allow us to create, adapt, and move at a pace that other agencies can’t match. 

Because today is Friday and tomorrow is Halloween, check out this hilarious Haribo ad (below) by Quiet Storm.

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