Daily Forum: SNL Gun Ad, Disney & Star Wars, Political BuzzFeed, Bacardi’s Millennials, Content Marketing, Light Beer Ads, & More

by James Thompson

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SNL’s Parody Ad Skewers American’s Infatuation with Gun Culture 

“If you've got a gun, why wouldn't you want to bring it along for all those special occasions—like a first date, or having a baby? That, at least, is the tack that Saturday Night Live takes in its latest parody ad, using the kind of singsong tone usually reserved for jewelry ads.” Read the full analysis at Adweek

Bacardi Launches New Ad Campaign Targeting Millennials, Of Course

“Like many booze brands, Bacardi rum has spent a lot of its marketing money playing up its heritage in recent years. Ads told tales of how the 153-year-old brand survived Prohibition, its exile from Cuba and disasters like earthquakes, fire and war. But in a sign that younger drinkers might be tiring of such stories, Bacardi is taking a sharp turn into the here and now with a new campaign that will be backed by a major media investment.” Visit Ad Age for more. 

Disney Cashes In on Star Wars Franchise With New Video Games

“Never mind the movie. The first big test of the unearthly riches that Disney hopes to mine from ‘Star Wars’ is a video game. Over the last two years, as anticipation has built for the restart of the “Star Wars” movie series, the Walt Disney Company has executed a parallel plan to overhaul how ‘Star Wars’ games are made. The revamp was complex — dozens of workers were laid off and planned concepts were jettisoned — but the reason for it was simple: More often than not over the years, 'Star Wars' games have disappointed. Now it’s show time. ” Read the full story at The New York Times

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Job of the Day: Copywriter at Geometry Global in New York City

Geometry Global is looking for a Copywriter to join an integrated team on a national CPG client focusing on a wide range of products, from personal care to ready-made meals. As a Copywriter, you will play an integral role in developing promotional campaigns from concept to execution, working with a growing team of dedicated creatives. If you love focused writing, strategic creative, and are looking to join a growing creative community, we want to hear from you. For the full details visit Geometry Global

BuzzFeed Gets Political with Native Video Ads

"BuzzFeed will begin creating native video ads for politicians and political causes, the website will announce Monday. Rena Shapiro, most recently advertising director for Pandora, has been named vice president, Politics & Advocacy for BuzzFeed. Shapiro will oversee native political ads, created in conjunction with BuzzFeed's product and branded video teams from BuzzFeed Motion Pictures. Read more at Politico.

The High Cost of Stereotyping Millennials

"Brands are missing a trick by ignoring millennials' serious side, which values education and family relationships above vanity or wealth. The demographic has a reputation for superficiality and tech obsession, but young Brits feel this characterisation is unfair. That’s according to a survey by Adjust Your Set and Youth Sight, seen exclusively by Marketing, which found British millennials are frustrated by the popular narrative that they are shallow and materialistic." More at Marketing Magazine

Why Light Beer Brands Need Better, “Craftier” Ads

“Ad campaigns like Miller Lite’s classic ‘tastes great, less filling’ used to rule the airwaves and spoke to many an average Joe beer drinker. Now, a lot more of those averages Joes have a preference for hoppy IPAs and richly flavored stouts and are more than happy to find a filling craft beer. So, advertising for light beer brands needs to change, which means ad agencies and chief marketing officers are getting fired, reports The Wall Street Journal. Next year, ads for Bud Light will start focusing on its quality and ability to bring people together. Meanwhile, MillerCoors is going to focus more on marketing to women.” More at The Wall Street Journal.

Why Content Marketing Is the Future of Advertising

"One of the biggest drivers of content marketing is the challenge of getting awareness through other traditional channels," said Forrester analyst Ryan Skinner. "Pay-per-click costs have gone up and up. Organic and paid search teams are clamoring for content to improve search visibility. Social teams have been shouting for content. That, combined with people on both PR and media teams wanting to supplement their more traditional roles with valuable content, that draws traffic, interest and attention." Read more at Ad Age. 

Agency of the Week

Mullen Lowe Group: We’re a different kind of company - a global boutique network of distinctive diverse agencies, rich in local culture with both intimacy and scale, present in more than 65 markets with over 90 agencies. At Mullen Lowe Group - we work to get our clients an unfair share of attention, by always thinking like a challenger and through our hyper bundled approach - smashing together scrums of our best talent from every discipline and from all over the world. 

Because today is Monday and the world needs to be saved, check out this ad (below) by The Climate Reality Project

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