David&Goliath Goes Long On Comedy For The Super Bowl

by Jeff Finkle , Adforum


David&Goliath Goes Long On Comedy For The Super Bowl



Kia kicked off the launch of their new hybrid cross-over, the Kia Niro, with a commercial during the third quarter of the Super Bowl and AdForum would like to thank David&Goliath’s CCO, Bobby Pearce, for taking the time out to talk about this exciting campaign.


AdForum:  Melissa McCarthy is an exciting choice to help launch the Kia Niro as her comedic talent seems perfect for a Super Bowl spot. How much did you tailor the concept of the spots to best utilize her likable presence, comedic ability and personality? 



Bobby: Melissa McCarthy does seem like the perfect choice for this style of humor. In fact, when we began talking to her about this project, the first thing she said was, “I want you guys to annihilate me, otherwise it won’t be funny.” You gotta love that.  But the idea came first, and we approached her about it after, crossing our fingers, toes, eyes and everything else that we could cross in hopes that she would agree. Thankfully, she did.


AdForum: What was the main factor in the decision to focus the campaign around her being on an eco-adventure in exotic locales that enables the Kia Niro crossover to be shown as a fun everyday vehicle that can also get you out of some tough, yet sticky situations?

Bobby: We wanted to show that in addition to getting more than 40 miles to the gallon, the Kia Niro is a sporty, stylish, high-performance crossover hybrid that doesn’t look or act like a typical hybrid. 


AdForum: What would you say would be your team’s biggest challenge each year in creating a bigger and better spot that stands on its own creatively from the previous Super Bowl ads, as yours do very well; which also hits home the brand message Kia is trying to establish with the new Kia Niro?

Bobby: We face the same challenge that everyone else does: How do we grab the attention of an audience whose expectations are at an all-time high? Creating something great and memorable is kind of the price of entry for any Super Bowl ad. Given that, how do you entertain people while educating them about what’s different and special about you? First, you have to have a great product.  Fortunately for us, the Niro is truly a different kind of crossover. 

Secondly, you have to have great clients who trust you and are brave enough to create something that would make other brands a little nervous. We’re lucky enough to have both.




AdForum: Do you have a personal ritual or superstition, almost like an athlete on game day, that you follow the day of the Super Bowl?

Bobby: If you consider drinking ungodly amounts of alcohol an odd ritual, then yes. Otherwise, we just bite our nails, wring our hands and pray a lot. By the time the ad runs, we’ve all seen it about 30 or 40 thousand times, so it gets harder and harder to stay objective. But then, when you see the crew on The Today Show crying tears of laughter after previewing it (and then showing it again because they loved it so much), you know the past several months of obsessing over every detail have actually paid off. 




Bobby Pearce, CCO, David&Goliath



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