Day 1 in Paris

This first day of the European AdForum Summit was dedicated to Luxury and Communicaition. We started the day with a lunch @ Ogilvy whare Nathalie Rastoin hosted our 25 consultants from all over the world. Philip Heimann
and Romain Lartigue gave us a great presentation about their way of managing a legendary brand such as Louis Vuitton. Following this, Isabelle Musnik from Influencia, Stéphane Truchi CEO @IFOP andDidier Brodbeck, Founder & Editorial Director of  Dreams Magazine gave the consultants an overview of the luxury market in the world.

AdForum's team had gathered for the consultants a long list of worldwide agencies specialized in luxury business and had invited 4 specialised agencies to give a short presentation : Balistik*Art, Les gens de l'Atelier, Forward and L'Atelier (LB).

The day ended with a great wine tasting and presentation @ JWT where Frederic Winckler demonstrated that the digital world offers a brand new erra of communicatio to luxury brand for the coming years.
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