DDB Latina Presents "How to Navigate Covid-19: Survival, Adaptation and Recovery."

Les Binet, Head of Effectiveness at Adam & Eve / DDB London, explains why this is not a normal recession and offers solutions for brands to effectively face it.

DDB Latina presents a second virtual event where Les Binet, considered one of the top global leaders in marketing effectiveness, shares his diagnosis and predictions about the pandemic, the impact it will have on brands and the path brands will have to navigate to overcome it. The discussion, based on his recent and successful white paper "How to Navigate the Covid-19: Survival, Adaptation and Recovery," will take place next Wednesday, June 17th, at 12 noon (EDT).


During the webinar, Binet explains why he defines this situation more as a war than a recession and offers a framework of questions for brands to assess their particular situation and help them resolve it in a sustainable way over the long-term.


"The strategy of each brand should be tailored to each business and should evolve as its particular crisis unfolds," shares Binet, Head of Effectiveness at Adam&Eve/DDB, where he runs DDB Matrix, the network’s econometrics consultancy for projects around the world. “For some companies, changing habits is an opportunity; brands that market well during a crisis can acquire new users, expand their market share (or even the size of the market) and become stronger once it is all over,” he adds.


The expert in brand building and long / short-term sales results, shares questions and keeps the conversation going with clients and guests at the event about the supply limitations that brands must face today and how they will evolve in the coming years; how the crisis will affect the demand for products and services in the short / medium / long-term; the use of the 4 Ps of marketing to keep supply and demand synchronized; the possibility of changing the combination of products and services that brands offer; the importance of reinventing oneself, adapting and having flexibility as a company in addition to other factors that companies must take into account when designing their own strategy. In addition, Les will discuss the importance of analyzing in detail what each brand could do to contribute to the collective effort, even if the effort is not going to "pay" in the short-term, we must think creatively about how to use our people, assets and marketing to save lives, reduce suffering and raise public morale.


"Brands must accelerate a defined "purpose" that portrays them in a human way to generate meaningful connections with people, especially in times of crisis like this,” shares Juan Carlos Ortiz, President of DDB Latina. “Creativity is, and always will be, not just the mother of optimism, but the best brands’ partner,” he adds.


If you are interested in attending the event, please contact Angela Henao (angela.henao@mia.ddb.com) to reserve your spot.




Les Binet studied Physics at Oxford and has a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence from Edinburgh University. His research there focused on the use of computer models to study the way human beings process language. In 1987, he joined the Account Planning Department at BMP/DDB, where he applied his modelling skills to the problem of measuring the effects of advertising. He is currently Head of Effectiveness at Adam&Eve/DDB, and runs DDB Matrix, the network’s econometrics consultancy.


Over the years, Les has worked for a wide range of blue-chip clients, including AXA, Barclaycard, Heinz, Nestlé, Phillips, Unilever, Virgin and Volkswagen. He has also played an important part in establishing the agency’s reputation for effectiveness, having won more IPA Advertising Effectiveness awards than anyone else in the history of the competition.


Since 2001, Les has served on IPA’s Value of Creativity Group, helping to promote effectiveness and evaluation in the wider marketing community. In 2004, he was elected an Honorary Fellow of IPA in recognition of his services to the advertising industry, and in 2005, he was Convener of Judges for the IPA Awards.


In 2007, Les Binet and Peter Field published “Marketing in the Era of Accountability,” a study of the factors that influence marketing effectiveness. Described by The Guardian as “compulsory reading for all serious scholars of marketing,” this research was based on the IPA Databank, a database on effectiveness case studies, which Les and Peter helped to design and build for the IPA.


In 2013, Binet and Field published “The Long and the Short of It - Balancing the short and long-term effects of marketing,” a study examining the impact of timescales of effect, exploring the tension between long and short-term strategies for brands and businesses as well as providing evidence-based recommendations on how to best approach investment in advertising.


Two years ago, Les published, along with Sarah Carter, strategic director at Adam&Eve/DDB, a book titled How Not to Plan - 66 Ways to Screw It Up, exposing the myths, mistakes and misperceptions that all too often screw things up.


Les is a member of the Wharton Business School’s Global Advisory Board on the Future of Advertising, and a regular columnist for Admap magazine.


He is Head of Effectiveness at Adam&Eve/DDB.

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