Dingo Wants You to See Freedom Through a Dog's Eyes

Dingo, a brand committed to pet health and happiness, is paying tribute to both active and retired military canines with an interesting activation tied to the second annual K9 Veterans Day, which is March 13th. The day itself is still in its infancy, but the use of canines in our military is not. For over 75 years, they’ve been trusted allies in service and defense of our country, so Dingo wanted to do its part to salute these brave dogs with respect and honor.


Inspired by a unique physical trait that dogs don’t see like humans — studies have found that they see in shades of blue and yellow — Dingo’s creative agency Rodgers Townsend imagined what freedom looked like through canine eyes. 


This led the agency to reimagine what the nation’s flag looks like from a dog’s perspective, and spurred the idea to change our red, white and blue – to yellow, white and blue.


Designed with the utmost respect for the American flag, this symbolic and striking gesture is purely a way for people to honor K9 veterans with a commemorative flag that visibly reflects freedom the way dogs see it. In addition to creating hand-sewn, commemorative flags, consumers can socially fly this flag using Dingo's K9 Veterans Day Facebook profile frame on March 13th. 


Stacey Harbour, Division Vice president, Pet Marketing, Spectrum Brands said, "At Dingo®, we simply love dogs. And we couldn’t be happier to honor our K9 veterans by providing a symbol and an outlet for anyone to show support, too. We’re really proud to raise awareness for K9 Veterans Day and we hope to see the holiday grow for years to come."


Michael McCormick, Chief Creative Officer, Rodgers Townsend said, "This idea has nothing to do with selling treats and rawhides. For one day, it’s about Dingo pausing to pay tribute to some of the bravest members of our military."


Visit Dingo’s Facebook page to learn more about this opportunity to see freedom through their eyes in honor of K9 Veterans Day. Add the K9 Veterans Day Facebook frame to your profile and show your support.



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