Dulux Heritage reimagines the covers of 12 iconic novels in new campaign

Ogilvy UK leverages literature to open a bold new chapter on choosing colour.


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Dulux Heritage today unveils a new campaign by Ogilvy UK that reimagines the covers of 12 literary classics to create an entirely new way to choose colour. Dulux Heritage Editions are a collection of luxury paint hues that have been paired with 12 iconic novels ranging from War of the Worlds, Dracula and Moby Dick to 1984, Little Women and Frankenstein. Each book’s emotional narrative has been analysed and matched to hues that evoke the same mood and feelings.

The nationwide campaign includes print, OOH takeovers, social, influencer, Pinterest and Meta activations, and includes an arresting limited-edition reprint of the set of twelve books, all crafted by an array of specialists, creatives and artists. These include Ogilvy UK’s award-winning graphic designer Dave Towers, their Behavioural Science division, who analysed the emotional impact of colours, renown liquid photographer Jonathan Knowles and Dulux Heritage’s creative team led by Dulux’s Creative Director Marianne Shillingford. The campaign empowers consumers to let the feelings of their favourite books become a reality on the walls of their homes - transforming the challenge and anxiety of choosing colour into an exciting and deeply personal experience.

Central to the campaign is the set of twelve intricately crafted iconic novels redesigned for feeling and colour. The covers were created by hand to demonstrate the genuine application of paint. Each book has also been physically curated and produced to amplify the Dulux Heritage brand. The spines act as paint swatches and the inside covers showcase the Dulux Heritage wider range to offer utility as well as inspiration to consumers.

Marianne Shillingford, Dulux Creative Director, UK and Ireland: Nothing is more rewarding than when a great idea meets a great team of people. Every Dulux Heritage colour has rich story to tell that evokes a feeling and by pairing 12 classic colours with 12 classic books, the feelings they evoke are deliciously heightened. This has been one of the very best truly collaborative and enjoyable projects I have ever worked on as Creative Director of Dulux and best of all it gave me the opportunity to put my painting skills to the test in executing each of the inspired book cover designs Ogilvy captured so perfectly.

Jules Chalkley, Chief ECD, Ogilvy UK: “Our living spaces are constantly in flux, an ever-changing reflection of who we are. But, the way we pick paint hasn’t evolved in decades. We’re stuck in a glossy rut of colour swatches and daft sounding names. But colour holds deep and evocative powers and we wanted to find a new dimension in unleashing the visceral emotion it delivers. By simply equating the feelings and images a classic book paints in our minds to the beautiful colours of the Dulux Heritage range, we were able to tap into something far richer. Using a colour specialist, behavioural science and turbo charging it through illustration, photography and design, we were able to find a dramatic new visual language and creative experience and a whole new means of bringing to life the feeling of colour.”

The campaign unleashes the feelings and emotions contained within the world’s most treasured literary works, by pairing them to the specific Dulux Heritage colours capable of evoking the same feelings in the nation’s hearts and homes. There is natural connection when pairing the feeling of spontaneity and comfort in Sense and Sensibility with the warm and cooling effects of Dulux Heritage’s Raw Cashmere.

The PR activity, led by Cirkle, includes Acast celebrity host-reads on leading podcasts including Happy Place and Table Manners, and amplification through influencer activity and a partnership with BBC Radio 2 DJ and author Sara Cox. There will also be content from YouTuber Jack Edwards and others. The campaign was developed alongside Media Hub, Essence Mediacom and Cirkle.

To find out more about the project and the rest of the classic titles and Heritage Hues within the Dulux Heritage Editions collection visit: duluxheritage.co.uk/heritage-editions 

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