Edenspiekermann Creates the Brand Design For The Revolutionary Body-Scanning Device

Every body is different. So is every picture of health, every beauty ideal, every ergonomic need. You can’t see nuance in a photo, measure it in pounds, put it nicely in a size S or M or L. You’re changing every day, little by little. Your body is not a template.

Global design agency Edenspiekermann recently created the brand design and strategy for Naked, the world’s first home 3D body scanner that is revolutionizing the way we track our fitness progress and goals. Acting like a futuristic mirror, the device —which includes a scale, a smart mirror and an app—captures a 3D model of your body and, using the accompanying app, users can visualize, compare and measure their results, bringing motivation to a whole new level, optimizing workouts and creating regular, consistent routines.

To create the design for this brand-new product, Naked worked with Edenspiekermann, who executed the branding and logo design, the app look and feel and the go-to-market website which launched this week. This task was part of the broader brand strategy for Naked, which included positioning the company around the core brand values of empowering, pioneering and honest.

The design behind Naked is not only appealing to health and fitness enthusiasts, but also to anybody who loves numbers, graphics and data in general. There are, therefore, two very different audiences rallying behind this device set. The applications of Naked technology could be used in numerous fields including retail, automation, and medicine. 

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